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Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

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I started this project a few months ago after trying to buy a set of Woza's brackets, but since he stopped making them I had to do it myself.


Started off making the steel brackets to use the wilwood mechanical spot calipers (120-2280,2281) I made the brackets and mocked everything up. I was unable to figure out a way to stop the calipers from rattling (I hate rattles) so I scrapped that idea and decided to make a new set using wilwood's new MC4 mechanical parking brake calipers.




Made from 6061 aluminum, they are much lighter than my original steel design.




My brake hats are JSK hats which have a 24.5mm offset so the brackets should work with other kits that run the same offset.


I made the first set for myself, and am happy with the way they turned out. Would anyone else be interested in a set?



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According to Z Fire, the AZC hats have a 24mm backspace/offset which is pretty close to my JSK hats.


It uses a Lokar universal ebrake cable also, which ended up being much cheaper than a custom cable. My stock/aftermarket ebrake cable reaches but I was unable to find the correct size Eclip to clip the cable into the caliper.

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I am in. I have the JSK rears and stupidly got rid of my parking brake mechanicals under the car. What would I need cable wise to get this to work? Can you confirm those are 12.2"x0.81" disks (my calipers are Forged Billet Superlites and look different than yours)?


Thanks for taking the lead on this.


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I am going to talk to the machinist about making some more of these brackets.


They use the Wilwood Dynalite caliper and the MC4 parking brake caliper with a 12.2 inch 0.81 thick rotor

The ebrake cable I used was a Lokar cable (EC-80WU) meant for those wilwood calipers.


I will likely send the brackets out with a bunch of shims that will allow you to shim the bracket out for various different brake setups (AZC or JSK)

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Haha..well well....


I remember you contacting me about my brackets !


I too hate the rattle that comes from the Spot calipers used in my kit, and also the pad area is VERY small, resulting in not a huge clamping force. They are constantly requiring adjustment too. In retrospect, I shoudl have used them for sometime before selling kts, however everyone simply 'had to have a set now' ! lol


I have been toying with the idea of re-designing using teh MC4 calipers, but you have spared me the work ! thanks !


So, in a nutshell...I WANT A SET ! haha....where are we at with numbers etc ?




Warren (Woza01)

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