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There are scammers pretending to have parts to sell, get into a brief email chat and then give bank accounts hoping buyers will pay and then the $ disappears.


This starts with them replying to 'wanted' ads.


So far we have identified the following:






steve.baileyspares@gmail.com - who is Steve.B on here


PLEASE don't part with your money. These people need to be STOPPED.





(mods please put his where it will get maximum views) 

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Got it, I don't use the classifieds much.


Anyway, as for the OP I think I know what happened. Going through his previous posts, he's specifically targeting Steve Bailey. I'm guessing he was screwed by Steve on another forum, and found our site, which Steve has apparently been posting on, and decided to alert us of his practices.

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^ that's pretty much what happened. I came on here as he needs stopping big time. He replies to wanted ads here in the UK with the same sort of one-liners 'I have the part'. Then tries to get quick payment into a mule account at Redstone Federal Bank head branch. He also poses as John Homles and Jims Autoparts all with the same bank details. Redstone have confirmed the true account holder had their bank details hijacked.

I sussed it and asked technical questions about the engine he had, like 'is the turbo included' and 'it is a reverse injection input calibration system' etc and the replies were all 'yes' - which isn't quite right for a 1942 engine


His email is



Also uses



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Bumping because I keep noticing WTB replies from zero/low post users offering exactly the rare item needed.  Also see a lot of scammers posting randomly to increase their post counts.  I'm a low post user myself, and have benefited from buying from members.


But seems like a reply to a WTB thread is pretty much the same as a For Sale offer, no?  Any thoughts on restricting WTB replies?

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