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Pantera hatch + rollover protection

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Hi everyone
Looking around for aftermarket parts I like AND can legally install on a Z (for road use) in Germany I came across the "Pantera hatch" or "inverted hatch".
I know they're a bit polarizing, and apparently rather rare.
To those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about those things:

Can someone give me a little bit of information on those things?
Are there companies that sell them?
Or are they only to be found on the used market?
Or are they DIY-pieces made out of the conventional hatch?
I'm asking because the hatches slightly differ in some pictures.
Does/did anyone here run that part?
If so, where did you get it/who made it?

Also, in this picture it seems like the car has an inverted hatch and a roll bar, does anyone have any information/experience in combining that type of hatch with a roll bar/-cage?
Because I'd want the added safety, the law is probably going to require a bar/cage for stiffening, and since I got very little idea about how a car with an inverted hatch looks inside I wonder if it's possible to combine the two.



Thanks in advance,


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You are correct on all counts.  I haven't seen any produced anytime recently.  They will occasionally pop up for sale in used condition, but they are becoming extremely hard to find.  Apparently, they are a bit more readily available in Japan than elsewhere....but not cheap.  Some guys have fabricated their own custom hatches, which may account for the differences in style that you noted.


I'm fairly certain that molds still exist, so you might be able to have someone create a single hatch for you from a mold.  Check out the discussion threads on ClassicZCar.com, and you might get some useful leads.   


I personally like the look of the Pantera hatch, but not everyone does, as you've already noticed.  Whatever you decide to do, good luck with it.

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If you're planning any aero mods in the back skip it, as it creates massive flow separation and lift. If you check the windtunnel testing info in the FAQ, you can see it has the highest rear lift number of any of the tests. Makes me wonder what people are thinking when they put on the Pantera hatch and a spoiler or wing, or the worst combo, roof spoiler with Pantera hatch. It also increased the drag by .2 which is the equivalent of setting the wing that was tested for its highest angle of attack. So you get all the drag of pulling a wing through the air, and quite a bit less than none of the downforce.

If you are just in it for looks, it appears to me like there will be plenty of room for a roll bar. Most of us try to get the main hoop of a roll bar as close to the rear fenders as possible and as tight against the map light area as we can, that's still well forward of where the hatch is though.


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I found an article on Speedhunters on a 240 running an inverted hatch (“Airone R-Gate”) and a roll bar.

Might just be a style bar, but it looks like there’s enough space for a bar and slightly angled supports behind the buckets in this version of the hatch, from where one could extend to the front as a cage.

The rear domes (ideal points to mount to) might be too far back though.



As for finding a hatch, I got a contact to a company that imports cars and car parts from Japan, so it might be a good idea to, when the time comes, contract them to find one.




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Just put the supports off of the hoop on the sides, they'll fit in around the hatch window. Mine go from the sides of the hoop just below the bends to the top of the strut towers. That one shown above is terrible. If there is a fore/aft load on the main hoop if the car rolls, there is almost no support for it. Would fold like a mousetrap.

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