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1971 240z ITB install


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11 minutes ago, Zetsaz said:

Every time I see your car and those ITBs I want to sell all my car stuff and just start with a super clean earlier model and go ITBs. Speed be damned.


It's looking real good!


I think the average Z guy thinks I am nuts doing these mods to my low miles series 1:) So far not a single hole or permanent thing has been done to my car though.  



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I got a reply today from Jenvey on the additional air ports. They said they sent me the “wrong ones” a few hours later a package arrived from jenvey with a new longer set that looks like it might do the trick. Now had they sent me 6 instead of 4 we would be in business. Which one do you have? Note the barb I turned off of the short one. They both had a barb originally.FAA928B6-15CD-48A5-AF21-9F0A57481E5C.thumb.jpeg.a79d9b7fbab3e5095be3509f7750187c.jpeg

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dampener doctors rebuild my stock Dual v crank pulley (keeping AC) . Then this is a 60-2 trigger from Hoke. I had to lathe off the back slightly. The trigger ring was not made for my pulley. Works awesome. It’s a great kit. 

I will have it professionally epoxy painted black. They must of rattle canned it. 






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I would want my ring attached to the center hub not the rubber mounted outer portion. There is movement in the outer ring depending on load of the alternator, a/c compressor and motor acceleration. It should definitely be mounted to the center hub. No car manufacturer Ever mounts the trigger wheel to the outer hub of a harmonic balancer. 

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Well I found a 2nd hole I didn’t know I had. I tested it and I should be able to fit all wiring with zero new holes in the car. So that’s a full efi install with zero holes or Permanent mods! Stoked. 

02 sensors go through the shifter hole. 

Tps, air temp, coolant temp, home signal and injectors through the choke hole. 

R35 coils, crank trigger, oil pressure, fuel pressure, dual positives and ground will go through the hole below the stereo.  









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I got way further on my ITB install. My kick panel mount worked perfectly and I have about 2 spare inches on the wiring harness. I successfully installed it all with zero cutting of my stock harness and zero new holes which I’m pretty happy with. 

Now the hard part. Making all the shrink wrap and loom look clean.







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