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3.2 Build EFI N42 / MN47


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21 hours ago, Chickenman said:

Haven't been around to this forum in a while Nice to see those numbers. Did you get a chart of the AFR readings? 

No chart . I asked him to see how his sniffer matched with AFR gauge , and he said it was close . I have the mega log . I was running around 13.1 I think .

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Had some fun with my Speedhut GPS speedo . It will 1/4 mile times . Tried it for the first time a pulled a 13.08 . 
Using that time and my approx weight it calculates out my HP to a very close match of my dyno run . Proving that the speedo can help me verify improvements . Now to work on those improvements ‘

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Pretty good day for me . Got to help a buddy get his motor going and we went for a spin to dial some thing in with his Megasquirt . It was kind of chilly . Same day I’m there with him and I get a call that my intake is done . 
Can’t wait to let my engine breathe . New intake and exhaust header !!!!!



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Update :


new intake is on . So far so good . Still have lots of tuning to do . My power band did move up . I feel this set up allows more power at the top end . I have lost some low end at low rpm’s . I smacked my rev limiter ( 7500rpms) easier than before . It seemed like I was just beating on the motor at those rpm’s with the N42 intake . 
I think the TPS is screwing with me so my accel enrichment is not right 


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4 hours ago, DuffyMahoney said:

I think that looks way better then the others on the market.  

Thanks , I wish I knew who started the fab on this and wonder how they were planning to finish it. 

. Still impressed how well my n42 did with its smaller runners and pure log design . 


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Currently contemplating my next move . I think a cam with more duration would work well with this intake . Need to take about .020 off the head surface to raise compression . Maybe cut it open and install some velocity stacks on top of those runners and make them a bit longer . Also have another head I’ve been messing with . Liners removed on this MN . Also have a friend that can 3D scan my combustion chambers and ports and give me some recommendations on how to manage these exhaust ports . Short side radius suffers without the liners . Maybe his computer program can find me some CFM 



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Cool to see where this goes. I have my 84 maxima engine apart right now prepping it for turbocharging.  It has the L24e in it and has the mn47 head. Looks like there is some low hanging fruit on the head. Will be cool to see what you come up with using your friends software. I was curious how hard it would be to remove the liners.  Probably not worth it for my HP goals. (That Im going to stick to and not get greedy) (I promised my wife)(Really!!!)


Also. What are your thoughts on the steel liners and boost? I know people have done it but has anybody ever seen any negatives to it? 


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