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Track Car Progress, PICS


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Well, I figured if I was ever going to drive this thing, I needed to stop spending 15 minutes a day working on it and get some help. Went by the shop today and the progress look great. I was very pleased so far. They have had the car about 4 weeks and are using it for fill in of there regular schedule. At this rate another 4 weeks and they should be finished with the body work. Cage is next.





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I know it may not be appropriate to toot my own horn, but I'm going to be a distributor for Jongbloed Racing Wheels: http://www.jongbloedracing.com/.


Here is a couple pictures of the 214s on a 240Z:






And here are a couple of the 311s:






Price wise they should be comparable to CCWs but will be more expensive then Kodiaks or Keizers.


EDIT: It would help if I got the dang web site correct...

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Uhhhh John....you link sends us here:

Jongbloed is worldwide known as an expert in printing Bibles, Hymnbooks and

New Testaments, exporting to over

60 countries worldwide



Edit: Nevermind...you fixed it!

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