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Z spotted in another movie


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I'm not really sure I want to admit to watching this movie...

Superfast (2015)

It's a parody of the Fast and Furious franchise. There's some funny parts but overall, not really worth the watch.






lol i saw that movie, i couldnt believe they had a sweet z if he wouldve tooken off the vynal wrap, it actually has a sr20 swap in it.
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I was thrilled out of my mind to see a real clean 280z, with the same ugly paint as mine, In the cholo scene on V/H/S 3. One weird ass horror movie, I liked it but the Z made it better. :wub:

Also this ones probably already mentioned but I noticed a ZX in fast times at ridgemont high.


Edit* there's a 240Z in the episode "Drift Problem" of Archer where he gets that sweet ass Challenger. Also some other random classic Japanese cars. Including a chase scene with an RX2 and said 240Z.

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Superfast, terrible parody of the fast and furious franchise, so terrible that it has its moments. One of the characters drives a 240z maybe a 280z I wasn't really looking, just shocked to see it. Surprising because the character they are parodying actually owns a 240z project in real life.

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