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Best Bang for the Buck (2 engine choice's)


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Hey all.


I am alittle stuck on what engine i should use for the best bang for the buck.So to start it off the first engine i am thinking is a VG30E and build it up to twin turbo.The second choice is a SR20DE and turbo it.I do have both engines sitting in the corner off my garage as well a few other engines i wont say...

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Hey all.


I am alittle stuck on what engine i should use ..... .I do have both engines sitting in the corner off my garage as well a few other engines i wont say...


VG30E boosted TT; Good torque, not known for high RPM breathing in N/A or boosted trim without going to some great extremes.



SR20DE with a hair dryer; set up for similar power levels as the VG30ETT, the SR will be a little more peaky in how it delivers its power, but the SR will breathe that boost more efficiently. Also, the SR should be a tad lighter.




Hmmm…. minacc.gif I think you better say what those other engines are… popcorn.gif

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Wouldn't the rebuild cost be an issue as well with the VG and SR? You would need to lower the compression for high boost, and a single turbo vs two would further make the rebuild cheaper for the SR than VG. Right?


Stock compression for the VG30E (9:1) isn't too high for boost. You can easily get 300 whp out of it, I know there are even some making upwards of 400+ on stock internals. I would also just stick with the single turbo setup on the VG30E i.e. use VG30ET parts. That would be the easiest route and it could still make tons of power. It would also have awesome low end power, perfect for the street.


My vote is for the VG but I am a bit biased since its one of my favorite engines.

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From personal experience I would have to say a V12 will not produce the biggest bang for the buck.

More like this biggest buck to go bang!

My vote goes with the twin screw VG30E.


Glenn's right - - he did the Jag 12 and we did the BMW, with the BMW M70 V12 getting anything more than about 350 HP takes a lot of money. A LOT.

It was worth doing for us, but even doing almost everything ourselves we spent a lot.

It looks kewl and sounds great, but was a lot of work to get running how we wanted.


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It's tough to say. If you go with VG30ET parts then you've got quite a few junkyard parts you can go with to keep costs down. The SR will have tons more options for doing a turbo conversion, but you're also looking at more cash.


The SR will be nice and light and sit nicely in the engine bay keeping things easy to work on. The VG still fits nicely, though I've never found a V motor to be as easy to work on as a 4 cylinder.


The S30 chassis is light and even at 300hp the SR will still pull it just fine with it's torque range. The VG will maintain much more mid range and will always be pretty streetable.


I'd say the SR if you don't mind the extra costs of all new parts. If you do a full rebuild and lower the compression with some nice high quality pistons you could increase HP pretty easily in the future with minor modification. The VG is much more DIY power and has less options in just about every regard for over the counter performance.


It's all what you want really.



And I don't think you'll get burned for mentioned your other swap projects. We're REALLY swap happy here, so as long as you don't tell use you're putting a BMW V12 in a ferrari I think we'll be fine ;)

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A ford 460 in a Camaro would qualify as a reservation for a special place in hell. An AMG engine in an M car, subie boxer in a Mitsu, RB26 in a Mustang, all of these are viable reasons for condemning someone to a special place where your tortured day an night by ricers with incredibly loud fart cans and JDM fever.

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