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  • 2 weeks later...

Just finished blacking out my '81... I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, I'm warming up to it.

It definitely has a look, don't know if it's a good look though...

Handles were just powder coated black, still have to do tail lights.





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Got one two weeks ago. Has a trashed steering rack, sloppy tranny, dents, dings, and an old paint job. But it runs! Took a little bit of fuel line and a LOT of vacuum line. Still doesn't start with the key, I have to jump the starter, but hey, for $1500, why the hell not?post-37994-0-15547100-1368047620_thumb.jpg

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Hey guys! I purchased my Black Beast 3 months ago. I finally got her running good and now I'm pulling parts off my parts car to get cleaned and painted. She's still stock except the 81 turbo wheels and hood. Not to sure what the plans for her future are. Original look or custom look?


Black Beast---1979 280zx, 2+2, 5-speed, N/A, serial number 102588, paid $1000. I am not sure of her exact build date but another guys ser# is 104xxx and was built 7/78 so this baby has to be one of the very first ones.



The Blue Corpse---81 280zxt, automatic, t-tops, paid $600 complete car, frame rotted out. 


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That poor car!



(I hate added sunroofs in case that wasn't obvious...)


I spy in your photobucket some turbo parts. :wink: I'd say go crazy with it, not many do with the S130. 


Lol poor baby to which one? Hope not the beast because she runs damn good(finally after a lonnnggg mmonth) and yes I agree about the sun roof. It doesn't leak though but once the body work starts it's going bye bye.





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  • 2 weeks later...

1981 2+2 t-top manual. Owned since 2004 (first car).


rust removal and respray in 2004/2005.

RB20DET conversion in 2006.

Parked up in 2009. engine run once a month since, up until about 6 months ago when rats ate the coil pack wiring. Still cranked over though.

Just got it started again last week thanks to some new coilpack wiring.


Needs new brakes and wiring fixed, then I am going to try and get it registered again. (I have a rusted out '82 S130 for parts)

If I can get it registered, it will get a full S13 coil over swap and front brake upgrade with new master cylinder, R33 rotors and R32 callipers.

Then will fix little bits of rust that have shown up, respray again, new wheels, front air dam, maybe flares too?


No pictures at the moment, but I will get some up soon.

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