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Smallest production v8

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Guest TeamNissan

Whats the smallest production v8 available both state side AND abroad?

I heard the new cappuccino will have a 1.6 twin turbo v8 that makes 250hp.

I'm just toying with the idea at the moment. Looking for say a 1.6-2.5 v8. thnx for any info

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Not small displacement, but it is small in width. Get this. A 60 degree V-8, 5.3 L displacement, 350 HP. Hmmm… That would have some real WOW factor under the hood of a Z..



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Guest TeamNissan

Well the sho v is actualy a 60 degree v8 too but I actually want smaller. The smallest I know is the m60 beamer v8, 3 liter, dohc. I want smaller though, isn't there like a 2.5, 2.0,1.8,1.6 etc out there? I dont even want to fall back on the m60 either because of the Nikasil prob. Any ideas?

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I wanted to keep this one to myself add TT's, could use Motorcycle pistons, cryogen the crank, and custom rods, little port n polish on the heads, FI conversion somehow, etc. They pop up once every 6 months or so on ebay... 2.5L displacement, hemi shaped heads.


Daimler SP250

Daimler SP250 - Motorbase


Concour Daimler V8 250 Restoration



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Hello everybody.

There's one engine smaller than most you mentioned...although it's "production" state is arguable ;)


Based on 2 superbike engines stroked to 2.4. Weight: 68 to 73kg (150 to 160lbs) (I guess dry, bare engine).

420 BHP.


Some time ago it was 2.0 with 340 BHP, but they tuned it up a bit. Notice that not only capacity grew, but also BHP / liter.

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the buick v8 was 3.5 liters. then rover bought the design and eventually made it 4.9 liters. its about 320 lb's wet and 289 CI in rover form.

the all aluminum blocks were investment cast. back in the 60's when this engine was created this was un-heard of especialy with an aluminum block.


they are great engines if you use the right heads much research is warrented on this engine. 400 hp and v8 low end grunt from 320 lbs? sounds good to me.

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Not production by the definition of the original post, but the same as the last post. Ron Tyler and myself would attend the Pacific Rim International Modeling Exposition every year back when it was held in Eugene. Quite a few of those miniature V-8's, all being scratch built. Many guys casting their own parts, pistons, blocks etc. There were scale air cooled VW, Harley V-twin, Merlin V-12, several radials, etc. All of which ran. Even a home built Turbine. Here are a few examples. Pretty much all of the water cooled variants utilize automotive heater cores for the radiators.


Note the Nickel on the pan rail of the 4 bolt SBC.



These are the actual molds for the engine above...











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Guest TeamNissan

Trying to jack the thread braap? :-P

I actually saw that post and was very impressed. I wish they had a good meet on the east coast, I would certainly go.

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Trying to jack the thread braap? :-P



Ooops. Sorry about that. Just got wrapped in the Miniature Internal Combustion Engine thing when I saw the video.


Ok, back on topic, (Hoping the time spent calculating all this out helps make up for thread jacking.. )


Team Nissan,

Is it the displacement that you after or the physical size of the engine due to being small displacement?


What I’m getting at here is what if you could use the SBC or SBF block with the 4.030” bore, with the following custom stroke cranks?


2” stroke = 204 CID/ 3343 CC

1 ¾” stroked = 179 CID/ 2933 CC

1 5/8” stroke = 166 CID/ 2720 CC

1 ½” stoke = 153 CID/ 2507 CC

1 3/8” stroke = 140 CID/ 2294 CC

1 ¼” stroke = 128 CID/ 2098 CC



Compression ratio with 4.030 bore, 2” stroke, true flat top pistons

58 CC head 7.2:1

64 CC head 6.7:1


Same but with 1 ¼ stroke

58 CC head 4.9:1

64 CC head 4.6:1


Now, being as the SBC 305 block can sometimes be had for free due to its not so popular following, it’s 3 ¾” bore with a .030” over bore, (3.780” bore) with those same strokes offers the following displacements,



2” stroke = 180 CID/ 2950 CC

1 ¾” stroke = 157 CID/ 2573 CC

1 5/8” stroke = 146 CID / 2393 CC

1 ½” stroke = 135 CID/ 2212 CC

1 3/8” stroke = 123 CID/ 2016 CC

1 ¼” stroke = 112 CID/ 1835 CC



Compression ratio with 3.780 bore, 2” stroke, true flat top pistons

58 CC head = 6.5:1

64 CC head = 6:1


I dint; run the itty bitty 1 ¼” stroke comp ratio as I feel it would just be too low… hmmm// 70 PSI of boost… Hmm….




If it were me, I’d choose the larger bore for a few reasons. 1 being valve shrouding, the other is for a given displacement, it allows for more RPM for a given pistons speed. Sport bikes, F-1 etc are big on over square engine for that reason and others…

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