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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Well I might as well join in posting my xxr 527s too! 16x8.25 245-50-16 in rear 225-50-16 up front, witht the coilovers I might have to move to a different size in the front or add more camber, we'll see still working on the suspension.




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Heres a nice shot, after a recent bit of snow... Revolution Wheels, 15x7, 0 offset, 225/50 Toyo's that barely clear the struts. I can take some better pics if anyone cares for a better view. They had a hard time balancing the Toyos this last time, but it never was a problem with the Yokos I used to run, hmmm.


Do you still have this car? I have toyo's as well and i also thought they had more trouble balancing them...
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I got my wheels a few days ago. I ended up getting 15x8.25 0 offset, because of my budget.


post-6150-059673000 1349534259_thumb.jpg

post-6150-079406600 1349534268_thumb.jpg


I was told on this forum by roger280zx that I could run 225/50-16s on all four corners, but whats the most you can get away with without any rub issues on a 15" rim?

There is very little gap between the wheel and the shocks with the car on jack stands, so how much room will I have with the car on the ground?


post-6150-031079300 1349534454_thumb.jpg

post-6150-093455500 1349534463_thumb.jpg


I think I can only get away with 215/60-15s on all four, am I wrong?

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