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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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I got mine off ebay, from user "wheelbay". Which is really just 18racing.com 


My size options were a little different since I converted to  5x114.3


Mine are Royal hyper black... which really just looks like a fancy silver/graphite. 



one tire mounted....



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I'm waiting on the 17x8.5 -10 4x114.3 to become available; just wondering how thick your adapters are so I can get an idea of how far my fronts will stick out



No adapters... but I have Z31 front hubs. 


Z31 hubs push the wheel out about 3/4" from the stock 4 lug hubs. 


Stock stub axles in the rear.




I have some 10mm spacers lying around that I could put behind the my front wheels(17x8.5 0) but mounted in the rear to give you an idea of the fitment for the rear.(would effectively be 17x8.5 -10)

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Morbias, do you have links to those sizes being produced?  That size would be better

that the +04, but I have found no US sites listing them or even the possibility of them.

I think I saw an Australian site with 17X8 -5, but that seemed to be conjecture about

a new size and not anything Rota had committed to.

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Thanks Mastermind, looks like I might need spacers on the front then.


Dan_Austin I have no links, but I emailed 18Racing about available sizes. They sold me 17x9.5 -20 4x114.3's for the rear already and said the 8.5 -10's will be available either this or next month.

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Thanks Morbias.  18Racing/Wheelbay told me to check back next month

for the 17X8.5 -10, which does not sound too bad since the +4 in hyperblack

is also out of stock and it supposed to be in the same shipment.


I wonder if a group buy might be worth trying to put together...

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Weird, I also contacted them yesterday and they told me, "for 17x8.5 no news yet, we place order for +4 and -15 but not sure if -15 could be order or not, since manufacture has not give us any news yet."


I hope they actually get something decent in stock or otherwise I'm stuck with an unusable set of 2 wheels.

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My tires are a little different than what everyone else runs on these wheels it seems. Everyone seems to go with 225's, and I went with 205's. Oh well, next time. :) This was a complete out the door package for $800 at a tireshop here in town during 2012 thanksgiving week. Couldnt pass it up. They stick out just a tad which I think is just enough. No engine in bay yet to add weight in these pictures. Also have the tokico illumina's spring/strut kit, which dropped the car about 2 inches as well.


XXR 513 16x8 0 Offset, in Hyper Silver

Yokohama S.Drive Tires 205/55/R16/W







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Not much to look at but a good deal for $80. Anyone know what the brand is (seen alot of them on Z cars) and does anyone have a picture of them powder coated or anodized etc.


Here's what I did with the same wheel:




then bead blasted em




Then powder coat so the old porous mag won't leak



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