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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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You'll have the same clearance between the wheel and the spring perch on the ground as you do now, a tire will exhibit a similar property, the difference being while driving and especially while driving around corners, where the tread of the tire will actually shift slightly to each side of the wheel relative to the axle. Lower profile tires have less of this effect than taller profile tires, which is why people will generally use lower profile tires in a vehicle that has to corner well. So the real question is how much sidewall flex will teh tires you will be using have?

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Gonna be really close. I'd go to a variety of used tire stores till you find a 225/50/15 to trial fit. The sidewalls on 60s bulge. 50s will pretty well go straight up from the rim. I think the 50s are gonna be close to the point you might need a little spacer but only a pretty thin one if at all. Remember the tire is a couple inches higher where the strut is farther away. I'm equally worried about your fender clearance. Do coilovers and you'll have tons of room.

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I am running 16"x8" wheels with 225 50 16 Yokohama tires on my 240Z. The car is lowered and has stock struts (no coilovers) and tires fit within the stock fenders. I had to precisely fit the wheels and tires for clearance. In the front, I needed to have +1mm offset on the 8" wheel. For your 8.25" wheel with 0 offset, you will need to put in a 2mm spacer to get enough clearance for the tire to spring perch on the strut. In the rear there is more inboard space. For the rear wheels I used +9mm offset on an 8" wheel. For your 8.25" wheels with 0 offset, you will be hitting the fender if the car is lowered. You will have to roll the inside fender lip flat so that it does not rub. If your car is not lowered, you may be ok with 225 50 15 and bumpy roads (I have 1" taller tires and the car is lowered). Note that the tire section width extends slightly beyond the outside edge of the rim.


post-1728-003781700 1349588030_thumb.png post-1728-063956400 1349588091_thumb.png

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<br />17x10.5 -19<br />17x11 -13<br /><br /> <img src='http://forums.hybridz.org/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />  Beast spec SSR Reverse mesh<br /><br /><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v482/jdizzy204/E4646194-1AA1-4A08-93D5-E11BFC1780A3-2694-000002890630C80C.jpg" /><br />
<br /><br /><br />


jdizzy, those are awesome finds !!

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IMO I think some custom white letters (on your tires) would REALLY set your car off. It would go along with the racy feel of the diamond racing wheels. Just my opinion, thought I'd share:)


Nice ride!



Funny you say that, ive been meaning to do it! thanks



one more




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Some very helpful pics here as I try to figure out exactly how to fit-out my 15x10 -38s.


Back will be fine, fits good.

post-1894-025051700 1350780559_thumb.jpg


post-1894-066078300 1350780561_thumb.jpg


post-1894-011522200 1350780562_thumb.jpg


post-1894-060650300 1350780562_thumb.jpg


To my eye the front will be out of proportion with the back with the 15x10 and I may narrow depending how they look with flares mocked up and the Coilovers done.


post-1894-013436700 1350780563_thumb.jpg


post-1894-060640900 1350780563_thumb.jpg


post-1894-015114100 1350780564_thumb.jpg


post-1894-063385700 1350780564_thumb.jpg

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