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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Havent seen a thread that has a bunch of people posting pics of there aftermarket wheels. so post pics of your aftermarket wheels along with specs (make, size, offset, etc..) pleaseeeeee put specs in i hate seeing good looking wheels and not being able to identify them

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Two piece ccw's. Not a baller and don't have the money for the 3 piece wheels. The back wheels are 16 x9.5 with 5.5 back space and the fronts are 16x8 with 4.5 back space. 225/40's up front and 245/45's out back for now..... Probly going to use these for auto-x and track days and put some 265/45's in back with 225/50's victor racers ... just need to find a set for street use maybe 15 "diamond's.......

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hey guys a little off topic but im really interested in 280zone's paint.. been doing so much research here in australia and cant find the product?? is is rattle can matt black or what cos i sprayed a test panel and its scuffs easy and leaves marks.. please tell me the paint used and/or clear coat..


thanks guys Ben

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