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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Sharring, Team III wheels:


Front = 17 x 10" (5 lug), tires 265mm

Rear= 17 x 11.5" (5lug) tires 315mm

Offset = 5.5" all around

Sacrafice = 2.5" of fender material removed.

Struts = Sectioned (removed 2", went with Konis), that lowered teh car 1.5" from stock, yet I still have 2.5" of down travel.



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I made this little comparison between 16" or 17" BBS RS Style wheels to help decide on the size for the special s30 production group buy.


I'm starting to lean towards 17" after my crappy photoshoping. Gave it a little drop also.


I used  Sexual Sushi's 2+2 for the comparison since he took a perfect side shot with his 16' Minilites and with his 17" rota rbr. I tried to keep it to scale as close as possible and resize directly over his wheels. 


What do you guys think?




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I've been looking at these rims on a similar tire set up.  Look great!  Did you have to roll your fenders or modify anything to prevent rubbing?

The rear rub a little on bumps that bottom the suspension out, I need to get around to rolling the fenders. The fronts required a small 7mm spacer and longer wheel studs to get it off the stock spring perch. Other than that they fit amazingly.

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roger280zx just for you brother.....


More pics of my rear wheels installed, I've only test driven it a few times so far, still have to reg. the car. but not issues with rubbing, seems like I can still drop it another .5-1.0" if need be. and keep aprox 1.5 - 2" of travel. Once she is driven in anger aroudn my local track Ill know how everything fit and functions, hopfully no rubbing.





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