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Anyone want to buy a race car!

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Check this out...That ZG is fantastic! Look at that dash!




It even includes the body molds!!






Cool!!...time to break out the credit card(s) and perhaps extend the mortgage!



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That is indeed the Friselle car, and it was sold in 2007. It was at the '07 Monterey Historics:










...whether or not they gave up and sold it back to Canepa after one season, I don't know. I emailed Brad Friselle these photos

afterward and he said he wasn't aware his car was racing again. I wasn't able to get the name of the owner or race team, unfortunately.

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Beautiful car. The suspension is one of the the most modified I've seen on an S30.


I do think this statement on the website is a bit optimistic....


"Producing over 400 HP coupled with a race proven chassis this car will be at the front of the grid at any historic IMSA event."

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"Transcontinental Racing? " It says Transcendental Racing, I assume a play on the popular 1970s type of meditation. Another reference is on the rear of the car "What's it all mean?" Racing is the true meaning of life, right?




Hybrid members have contributed more current pictures and some from back in the day on the IMSA tribute site listed in my signature.

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