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L6 Turbo Header Group Buy

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Anyone having any interest in leading a project like this? I just don't have the time.



Hey Jeff,

Yeah , we can do one, but we need a STOCK cast manifold or a sample

of a broken , or cracked manifold to make a jig out of.

We would also want someone to help make it so it would have

good appeal to the masses.


What we do in cases like this - if you want to do something like this

is (2) fold.


A) We get the part made, and you test fit it, make sure it is correct

with no issues.

B) you can organize a group buy on your forum, and we can drop ship to

your customers

C) we can create an Alias name - so you can have the item tagged with a

" D.B.A " name.



This usually takes about 6 months from start to finish, but it can be

rewarding for both parties.


((** as long as there is more than 20 people who want a manifold or

manifold/dp combo ** )











> Hello,


> In the old Datsun 2X0z (Nissan) world we are using the 2.8L

> 280ZX turbo motors in our cars.


> Is there any plans to make a turbo header for this older

> motor? Can there be?


> If you check out www.hybridz.org there is a whole world of

> people using this motor.


> Thanks,

> Jeff

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Kind of hard to buy one if you dont know if it fits...

Posted Images

I'm in but I can't lead the Group Buy. I have an S30 but the header shouldn't be much if any different for a ZX version.


Price is less of a concern than product quality. I would prefer not to use stainless steel but rather a thicker mild steel for reliability. This is probably a given but it must have a wastegate port. I use a 40/41mm but if it came with the more typical 38mm then I could change it myself. I also would like a T3 flange rather than a T4.



I would prefer it look like these:





Or maybe this one if I had to compromise:




But not like these:




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All right i think we should convert this thread into more of what we want in this manifold. I am not all that experienced in the external waste gate so input on that will be needed. As far as the flange goes i think that the majority of the people are running the T3 flange. There is the posibility that maybe they have those T3/T4 flanges that i have seen on ebay. This would suffice both needs. Also would it be in our best interest to move the location of the turbo? like say an inch out or something so no spacers would be needed for any turbo? Alright lets get what we want in this manifold buttoned up so we can get it on the way.

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