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Project 240Z Turbo ITB Install


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You will get as much if not more power from a four barrel as you will on that setup as I described.

I bought my ITB's from a gent who had a 3.2 and did exactly what I said above---he wanted more power, but with a peak at 5,500 on the stock cam...what's the point? You can't take advantage of the breathing.


He ran his ITB's and was comparable in power. After a year, he took them off and sold them to me along with the efi system he bought. N/A just didn't make sense.


Triple ITB's on a Blowhthrough Turbo though....now THERE is something altogether different! "Boost is merely a reflection of restriction to flow..."

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ahhh so the cam is the limiting factor along with the breathing.... i thought it would be the cast pistons, thanks for the response


out of curiosity does anyone make a plenum or manifold for turbo itbs?... 

(so many questions didnt mean to thread jack just curious )

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Current status she's at a little shop getting some work done. Finally got those pesky fender mirrors mounted after having them for almost 20 years. Having some welding, Haltech install and other things I can't say right now...   :D



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Hi Joe, great post on the ITB turbo set up. This is a route I also hope to go using the ITB's from Efi Hardware in Australia. When you built your air intake plenum were there any specific volume calculations you were trying to achieve or was it done more in a "what will fit" manner? Do you have any more pics of the air intake that you can post?


Keep up the great work and the great posts.



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