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azcarbum was kind enough to import a set of Euro tails for me...           Thanks Brian!

Absolutely. Please deposit $19.95 in my paypal account         If you insist First fit into my 260...    

Finished the fan plate...                               Fan is '97 Volvo 850. Two speed, moves plenty of air, quiet, and covers the radiator nicely.

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Radiator mounts are finished up (making use of stock core support holes).


I did make a revision to the mounts. These were easier to machine, and I like the look a little better....










Fan mount plates were also welded on, top and bottom...







Weep holes in the bottom plate...







Drilled/tapped for shoulder bolts. Grommets and crush washers will provide a dose of isolation...






Test fit...











Still need to machine the crush washers, fab the fan plate, and attack it with some elbow grease.

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Looks great, Ron. Seems to me, you're down to the "wiring nightmare" part of the swap. So you'll have it running in a few hours, right? You only really need a fuel pump down in a coffee can with some hose and duct tape, and just twist some wires together; it'll be fine.


(No, really...Hold my beer, I'll do it for you...)

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Thanks for the compliments guy's.


Joel, the fan is out of a '97 Volvo 850. It's no slouch, either. It moves more than enough air on low speed for this application. And it's quiet enough that I'll bet when the motor is running you won't be able to hear the fan.


Ryan, For enough money, just about anything can be available :wink:

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Hey Ron I have a question...well, I have about 100 questions but this is my current #1 question.


How are you hooking a speedometer up to your car? I've heard multiple conflicting "facts" on where the vehicle speed sensor is from the transmission, to the diff, to the wheel so I don't even have a good idea on where that is. Is it just a sensor that sends a signal or does the zf trans use a cable and gear system that acturally turns the speedo. Or do I just really have idea how the f the speedo works?

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BMW put a Hall Effect/chopper wheel in the diff.


I was originally going to put an aftermarket hall effect sensor on the drive-shaft and use an aftermarket electric speedometer. Not a tough thing to do and reasonably affordable.


I've since decided that I will eventually use a Speedhut GPS speedometer. Not as budget friendly, but a little 'cleaner' in my opinion.

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Thanks Ron,


I like both of those options. Also, the price is reasonable enough for either option. The GPS. Route looks to be the way to go though due to the ease of installation.


I'm almost done tearing everytthing off of my car, so as soon as that's done, and the car comes back from the blasters, I'll be working on finageling with my new pile of German cast iron I just picked up.


Oh, question about transmission:

The stock zf 5-speed has a final drive of 1, with a typical R200 of 3.7 I'd be running over 3000 rpms just doing 60. I'm going to probably go with the lower 3.54, but I keep thinking that picking up the 6-speed out of a wrecked E46 330I or M3 might be a good idea.


What are you planning on running?

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