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Post pics of your z's here!!

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    Finally "finished." Rust free and returned to its original Datsun 113 Avocado green...

I really like the color of your Z a lot. Here's a few shoots of my 72. The first one is in it's stock form and the others are after new springs,shocks,wheels and tires.

Looking good Glenn!   FWIW, I've driven a '95 911 Turbo S pretty hard and was not overly impressed...

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Theres a couple from the first time I drove the car. Don't have any recent underhood shots available right now. Don't mind the hack job wiring mess you see, it has since been cleaned up. I tried to make the exhaust fit facing down, but I realized it wasn't going to work so I thought about turning them upside down. Then I looked at the hood and realized it had removable vents, and the redneck side of me took over after that. Custom headers will be built over my xmas break, so I will finally have regular exhaust.



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My latest money pit. This is "my Z". The first Z I bought is claimed by my girlfriend and she likes it the way it is. I wanted a turbo Z so I bought this car and have installed the L28ET with MS. I'm still working on it, i've driven it some but mostly worked on it so far LOL. I'm still cleaning up the engine bay and rewiring alot of the MS signal wires due to noise.  The real Merry Christmas to me was the T5 though.  I can't wait to get this installed because my current five speed has a horrible 2 gear decel roar. I got it about a month ago from a member on here. Little by little its getting there.




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