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  1. boosted300

    78 RB26 260Z

    Wow...thats quite an update! So much to absorb... Awesome washer bottle... I got sick to my stomach seeing the damage to your car... But most importantly...congratulations on your house! That's a tremendous milestone!
  2. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    Thanks! My rim setup is somewhat unconventional... I did a separate write up on it Take a look it should give you the answers you're looking for
  3. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    Yeah, plus I'm sure yours were taken with something better than a camera phone...
  4. boosted300

    Z Car weights

    Instead of shaving weight I just try to add more power
  5. boosted300

    Z Car weights

    RB25DET, Intercooler, Full AC system, Bad Dog rails, Dynamat in the front passenger compartment floors and firewall only, full AZC Suspension, full wilwood brake setup, 17 x8.5/9.5 Rotas, Aftermarket big radiator and twin electric fans, spare tire...2,680
  6. Oh man, now you're making me do math!! I have to think about this one... I mean, my fronts are +4 with a 235 tire and they fit nearly perfect... So wouldn't 10 mm more of tire need about 10mm more of wheel? So then it would be around +14...? Im not sure if my logic is sound on that or not...I'm sure there are some tire/wheel gurus on here that would know better...
  7. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    At Cars and Coffee, I found a nice spot for some pics...wish I had a higher end camera for some more picturesque photos like EF Ian's... But these are the best ones I've personally gotten so far I think, the spot and the lighting were just right...
  8. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    ...and Cars and coffee again the week after that.... Some interesting cars this time, out of the ordinary stuff... Then this guy rolls in halfway through and steals the show... It's cool to see a $1.5 million dollar car, but even cooler that the owner actually drives it around...
  9. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    The story continues...
  10. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    So I went to another Cars and Coffee the next weekend...I can't lie, the 240 gets a lot of love at these things... Doug brought a different toy this time... A modest 1,100 RWHP
  11. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    I drive the car home and am giving it its normal once over of affection...and I noticed dark patches on the front side of the intercooler...weird, I thought... Was the oil cooler behind it leaking? But even if it was why would it leak forward especially with air pressure going towards the engine bay? Turns out the intercooler has some small leaks, and in more than one place...ugggggggh!! Had this been an inexpensive Chinese core off ebay, this probably wouldn't have surprised me, but it certainly wasn't what I expected from a "top quality" intercooler like Bell... The thought of all the work that went into that thing...and all the work it would take to get it out and re-do.... Hopefully at least Bell will be cool about it and warranty it out for me.
  12. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    So the new year rolled around, and the cold weather was still hanging around so I decided I better address the AC sooner rather than later... Took it to a place called Kiki's Automotive that had gotten strong word of mouth for quality AC work. The owner and his son couldn't have been any nicer to me. Sensing how nervous I was about anyone touching my car, they cleared out a space, worked on it personally rather than have one of their mechanics do it, and treated me and my car like serious VIP's. And most importantly for me, they allowed me to remain in the work area and hover over them while they touched my baby. They first vacuumed the system and, perhaps most importantly...it held vacuum. No leaks! Now that I knew they system was sealed, all they had to do was charge it and I would finally have AC in my car! Or so I thought.... With the system fully charged, I started the car to feel the magic of cold air pass through the ventilation system for the first time and...nothing... We looked at the compressor and it wasn't kicking on. Now this is where I will admit ignorance about AC systems...the owner told me that the two different gauges had to equalize, or something along those lines, and they weren't equalizing...I had no clue what that meant, but according to them there was some sort of blockage in the system. He believed it was the expansion valve (which I have no clue what that does)...long story short they swapped out a new one annnnnnd....nothing... This whole process took most of the day and it was now closing time for them. The owner said that he wanted to swap the dryer next as process of elimination to find the blockage, but since it was late, and the weekend...he told me to come back on another day when they could focus on it the whole day... The dream of air conditioning still eluded me...
  13. boosted300

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    Just read the whole thing...outstanding!!
  14. boosted300

    78 RB26 260Z

    Wow, some really juicy content here... Absolutely gorgeous build brother, way to go!