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  1. Hey guys, I picked up a ford 5.0 out of an 86 mustang for my engine swap into my 77 280z. I came across an ad for headers and I want to know if they will fit the engine bay. They are bassani equal length shorty headers and they measure 6.675" at their widest point. I was reviewing my schematics but they do not show the width of the 280z engine bay at the strut towers, only at the frame and the strut towers center to center. Anyone know if these things will git?
  2. 77 280z no spark

    So I tested the pickup and it seems to be OK, measured 385ohms for resistance. I am at a total loss now, the coil is getting power when it should, the dizzy seems to pass it's tests, everything seems fine, but it wont spark. I decided to hookup a jumper cable to the coil after removing all the wires from it. I positioned the end of the high tension wire over one of the bolt heads on the intake manifold, then connected the jumper cable to the battery and started tapping the negative post, and nothing comes out of the high tension cable. I am wondering if the high tension cable is damaged internally somehow.
  3. 77 280z no spark

    I started troubleshooting according to the 1979 280zx book, since I have a 280zx dizzy. I measured resistance on the two connectors from the pickup coil to the IC unit, book says that it should read 400ohms, I get no reading. Will be pulling the pickup coil next.
  4. Hook up a vacuum gauge to the intake manifold as well, mine was behaving similarly and I found that it had a vacuum leak.
  5. 77 280z no spark

    Still working on this issue. Starter is functioning again, but no spark. I swapped in another ignition coil and tried manually grounding it but it did not produce a spark.
  6. wiring push button start on 77 280z

    Can anyone confirm the purpose of the Black/blue stripe wire coming out of the igntion switch in the atlanticz diagram? I believe it is the 12v bypass wire from the transistor ignition system which my car no longer has, so I should be able to remove it.
  7. wiring push button start on 77 280z

    Just soldered wires to the start button and tested it, works great. Cant upload video for some reason though...
  8. wiring push button start on 77 280z

    JHM, I do not have that schematic, I was looking at http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/distributor/before2.gif It is in color but the pin numbers dont seem to make sense, although they say it is the wiring for a 77 280z. It does match the colors on the back of my switch though. I have a 3 button safety switch panel, just want to run this by you guys who have done this: Wire #14 is the 12v supply from the fuses and needs to be wired to the acc switch, "on" switch, and start button. My question is: Does #10 need to be wired to both acc AND "on"? or can it only be wired to acc switch? Finally: The push button would need #14 wire (12v supply), #15, and #18 correct?
  9. wiring push button start on 77 280z

    Just got the switches, kind of disappointed in the push button. It locks closed if you press it too far in. not sure if it will continue to trigger the starter though.
  10. 77 280z no spark

    Well I started testing ground points and found that the strut tower bolts have no continuity to the engine, which seems odd since the manifold ground is right next to them. I positioned the #1 spark plug to one of the bolts next to the hood latch and cranked the engine over and it sparked! But only a couple of times before I heard a crackling sound and the engine stopped cranking. I checked my fuses and could not find a burned one, but it now only cranks once and then stops...
  11. 77 280z no spark

    I tested the Ignition coil. Primary resistance measured 1.3, factory service manual calls for 0.45-0.55. Secondary Resistance measured 11.15, service manual calls for 8.5-12.7. Primary is reading high, not sure why that would cause it to not spark at all though.
  12. 77 280z no spark

    Do you mean the high tension wire? I have pulled it multiple times and reinstalled it. It feels as though it locks in tight. To generate a spark off the high tension wire, does it have to be touching a ground or just near a ground?
  13. wiring push button start on 77 280z

    Thanks for the responses ladies and gents! I ordered a 3 switch panel and an illuminated push button from amazon for ~45$. Will post more when I get them.
  14. 77 280z no spark

    I followed the atlanticz guide for swapping the 280zx dizzy, so that eliminated the transistor ICM and the ballast resistor.
  15. Hey guys. Trouble shooting my 77 280z, trying to get it on the road... Heres the deal: The car is somewhat stock. The main mods I have done are: 280zx dizzy with E12-80 IM. Fuses upgraded to new fuses and fuse blocks. I drove this car into my garage to work on the body and oil leaks, helicoil the valve cover bolt holes, oil pan and front timing cover gaskets etc. I now have it all back together (minus body work that still needs to be done) but it will not start. Fuel pump is functioning according the gauge in the rail, but I cannot generate a spark. Checked all my engine grounds and they are all new and clean. Looking at page 32 in the bible, I have tested for spark at the plugs and got nothing, checked spark at coil and get nothing. I attached a wire to the coil "-" post and attempted to manually trigger the coil with the high tension wire sitting next to one of the suspension tower bolts and grounding the wire out on one of the bolts next to it. The jumper wire sparks but the coil wire does nothing. I am also having a hard time finding the "ignition lead wire" in the diagram on page 32 of the bible. Tested Pin 1 for bat voltage with key in "on" position. Result: 12.6v. Anyone have any suggestions for the next step? Just tested for Bat voltage on coil "-" and "+" posts with key in the "on" position. Both posts have 12.6v when key is on.