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  1. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Well she’s home again. Time to reassemble.
  2. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Thanks for asking. Fires are still burning but most of the city is now safe. Smoke is heavy and depressing.... just never goes away along with the ash and debris falling from the sky. My business is slowly rebounding which is very encouraging. They, whoever “they are” say this is going to be a multi year recovery process..... on an exciting note the shop called and said I can expect to get my Z back next week. It’s just hard to get too happy for yourself when there is so much destruction around you. Thanks for checking in. Jim
  3. By far the most comprehensive rust removal and prevention I’ve seen on a Z. Nice work. Jim
  4. trackzpeed

    Best LS Swap Kit?

    Anybody just realize the op has never responded to his own questions ?..... lol. Good info though.
  5. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Thanks guys. My house is still standing as well as my office. Already started to take the financial beating. Just going to stay the course and do my best. Sadly I have many friends and family that lost everything in the fires.
  6. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Thanks...... the situation has gotten worse for the area but my Home remains out of the path for the moment and winds have thankfully died down making this hell fire a little more predictable. Santa Rosa was hard..... like you, i have family there that had to weather that storm. Just keep rollin sec by min by hour by day by week and by months and hope and believe we will see this through. Thanks again. Jim
  7. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Ok..... this may seem weird but here it is. I don’t “know” any of you yet we have a common bond. I live in Redding Ca where there is a massive fire and total destruction on a mass scale with no containment in sight. If you’re of the praying variety please do so..... this fire will have a deep and far reaching emotional and economic impact for everyone in Northern California. I’m heart sick and worried to say the least. My home is currently out of harms way but my livelihood is not. This can potentially wipe me out...... sorry to blather on as I know this is not the place for such things. Guess I just need to know that someone out there cares. Jim
  8. Increasing castor typically increases steering effort but the wheel will “unwind” easier. Negative camber should give you less understeer but not necessarily sharper turn in..... you may need a rear sway bar to offset the front.... my experience has been to much front bar makes the car push. Keep in mind my car is an LS swap so torque and power allow me throttle control quite a bit more than when I ran the L24. There is a definite science behind it all but driving at the limit by what you feel is best for me. HTH. JIM PS: I used coffees suggestions as a base for suspension tuning.
  9. Maybe I’m just lazy or don’t believe enough in my fab skills. I bought the LCA from Silvermine and the TC rod from futofab and works great. HTH. Jim
  10. I have to admit, I thought you were a little nuts to take in such a rusty rig for your project but I’m more than a little impressed with what you have done. Very comprehensive and nice work. Much respect, Jim
  11. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    A close up pic. I’m 6-1 210 and fit. They fit me great.
  12. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Sparco 100. They fit great with minimal mods but not a lot of room to spare on the sides, at least in a 240. HTH. Jim
  13. Mine was close but fit.... old Datsuns can “sag”...... you may have to shim the mounts. HTH Jim
  14. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    No ac for me..... track the car more than daily driver so it was one less thing to mess with. Jim
  15. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    oh man I can’t wait!