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  1. 280 27 spline or CM stub axles wanted

    Upgraded to 300M stub axle's... No longer looking for anything else.
  2. Looking for a good set of 27 spline stub axles and companion flanges from a 280Z or a set of CM stub axles if you have them and have just gone another route. Thanks. Jim
  3. LS376/480 4L70E HELP!!!

    Welcome to the addiction..... I can answer all your questions with one word, RESEARCH. Everything you asked is readily available without a lot of effort to find. I'm really not trying to be an ass about this either. When I did my build I gained a wealth of knowledge scouring every LS Z build log I could find. There are multiple builds on this site including info on your requested non-swap info. This in not going to be "cheap" by any stretch even with a total "budget" build, but I will throw you bone or two to get started on your info request... -Kits: CX racing, Hoke, Dingo, JCI, Custom -Suspesnion: AZC, T3, Silvermine, or just stock upgrades and add latter Brakes: Willwoods for me (contact Silvermine or AZC) Paint at 2k: Forget it Dynomat: least of your worries right now 225 tires: not enough meat to hold the power Driveline: Drive shaft shop or custom local shop CAI: easy peasy at less than $200 with basic fab skills Radiator: my 3 row champion works great in 110 heat on the track 20 gal cell: way too frickin big and no way that fits without fab. Best of luck, Trackzpeed
  4. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Continue to love your work and dedication..... I'm working on an axle upgrade (LOL), but nothing as pretty as your stuff. Thanks for the updates... Time to get it finished and on the track/road. Jim
  5. Subscribed..... I had to pass on hokes beta stuff because I was too impatient. Looking forward to your build. Your prep work looks great. Jim
  6. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Video from this past weekend. Top 4 for me separated by 1.3 secs from top time.... They all run full race tires and I'm on 200 tread wear. https://vimeo.com/230444553 2nd run of the day.... Not my fastest run (I went 2 secs faster than this)
  7. TRYAGIN turbo ls swap

    7-800 hp is a handful of a street car.... Your Datsun chassis will need some reinforcements with that kind of power not to mention brakes, suspension, axles, etc..... Personally I'd plan everything else before that kind of motor/power, but I always enjoy reading another build. I'm running an NA 5.7 LS1 T56 6 speed and it's a riot on the street and track at 1/2 the power you're shooting for. Good luck, this is great place to start your research.
  8. New topstage z kit

    Nice skyline..... How close are you to production?
  9. Sorry I forgot to mention I'm using the the CX Racing kit with modified exhaust from y pipe back. It worked great for me and my application. I don't have any real world use of the kits you mentioned. Again, best of luck. Jim
  10. You may want to read through the LS swap "facts not opinions" thread.... there is some good info there. Not every mount works with every header as well. Your post is a good start for info but good solid research is better..... I would look closely at the multiple builds and read them all way through, there is a lot of info on this site. Good luck with your build. Jim
  11. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    I've been away out of country for a bit...... Next AutoX race is August 20 and I'll post some video of that when available. I pulled off the rear tail light surrounds and gave them a refurbishing. Finished in satin black with the aluminum beauty ring intact. Looks really nice with black bumpers and other black bits. I'll post some pics soon. Jim
  12. You are building a seriously stout chassis. Nice work.
  13. boosting LS1 with JCI kit

    Looking forward to the progress. Pusher fans will save a ton of room, but won't they interfere with the intercooler?
  14. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Thanks Richard...... I have an extra set of half shafts as well, I'm just itching for the upgrade. I'd love to see your 8.8 solutions. Still waiting for your build log. Your work on factory fives was impressive and this Z community would greatly benefit from your skills. Jim