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  1. caperix

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Looking good, I like the options this opens up. One question, did you look into putting sn97 cobra bearings & hubs into the factory Datsun struts? They are very close in outside diameter & it may be easier than making a whole new upright.
  2. caperix

    Pedal return spring bushings

    I am in need of replacement bushings for the brake & couch pedal return springs, the white plastic pieces that fit in the notch of the pedal box. Nissan lists them as being discontinued, I was wondering if any one knows of a replacement. 240sx & Lexus is use a similar looking bushing but the only way to know would be to buy & try.
  3. caperix

    Metal vs nylon fuel lines

    I am going to have to redo the entire fuel system on my z & am thinking of using a camaro tank when I do. I will have to run new fuel lines & I'm wondering what material is suggested. Nylon seams to be the OEM line on most vehicles now, it sounds easy to work with & will not have many compatibility issues with modern fuel. I don't know if it holds its shape as well though, and in the factory location may be damaged.
  4. caperix

    Wanted, late 260z manual transmission pedal box

    No longer looking, thank you z240
  5. caperix

    Wanted, late 260z manual transmission pedal box

    Any hints on visually identifying when the are out of the car? I know the pedals changed at the same time so are curved pedals correct or do you have to measure & compair?
  6. caperix

    Wanted, late 260z manual transmission pedal box

    Thank you for the link that is some good info with the brake down by month
  7. caperix

    Wanted, late 260z manual transmission pedal box

    I think it is. I know the early cars changed every few years, but I think the late 260 & 280 did not change
  8. I am swapping my late 74 260z from auto to manual & am having trouble finding pedals or a complete box. Does anyone have one available?
  9. caperix

    240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    From the pictures it looks like you used a 7/8" tilton clutch master cylinder, is that correct? I am putting a lt1 t56 behind a gen 1 small block in my 260z and want to make sure I get the correct one, I have heard both 3/4 and 7/8.
  10. I was just wondering what clutch master is preferred for this setup? Jtr recommends the .750 for t5's and most seam to use the .875 with the ls1 t56 but I have found very little information on the lt1 setup.
  11. I am getting my engine finished up and ready to install in my late 74 260Z. I have the JTR engine mounts, but I really did not like their transmission mount, the floor board are very thin. I have been looking at different options, it looks like there are some out there for the LS1 engine, but not the older engines. I like the design of the CXracing trans mount http://www.cxracing.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CXR&Product_Code=TM-T56-240Z&Category_Code=240Z but I;m not sure it the LS engine is mounted lower than JTR mounts the Gen 1 engine. This looks like it should work with the mount in my later car as long as engine position is similar. Has anyone tried a different trans mount with the JRT kit?
  12. caperix

    5L V10 (S85) Conversion

    The core was $500 so if you are near Savannah GA you are more then welcome to purchase it for that price. I am holding on to hope that as it is a none rebuildable core it will not get sent back, but my parts manager wants to ship it out & worry about get the money when BMW gets the core.
  13. caperix

    5L V10 (S85) Conversion

    This sounds like a very interesting project if you get it done. The S85 is a very cool motor, though there a much cheaper ways to make power if that is what you are after. I have an E60 M5 in the shop now that went through water & is getting an engine for putting the #3 rod through the block. The engine from BMW is $22000, none were able to be located in salvage yards. There will also be some electronic issues you will run into, like the scavange oil pumps require a latteral accelleration sensor signal to activate.
  14. The engine going in my Z car does not have a engine wiring harness. I am having trouble finding a good one at a salvage yard, most I find are over price & of questionable quality as they are 20 years old. The painless harnesses for the TPI motor are very reasonably priced & I am leaning towards using one for the engine. Has anyone used one of these, I know the JTR book recomends using only the GM harness, I have not tried to source a new one at my local dealer yet, may not even be available. My only issue with the painless harness is that they are set up for a 700r4. Is it easy to change them over to a manaul transmission?
  15. Are the ball joints worn allowing extra play? That setup should reqire spacers between the hub & the rotor to properly space them, were incorrect spacers used?