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  1. kyle319

    WTB Obx r200 hlsd

    Ive got just what you're looking for! Text me at 319-404-8904 and we can work something out.
  2. kyle319

    2jz Megasquirt help

    Actually.. FWIW, that stock nippondenso distributor has all the info you'll need for full seq. It's got 3 vr sensors built in; g1, g2, ne. 4th pin is common ground. You would use g2,ne, and gnd. I can't give the ne wheel any review though, I'm using the 36-2 as my primary input and the g2 for cam input. Not sure what you have for a motor but if you pulled it from a 96-97 you're in luck because it came with the 36-2 on the crank snout as well as the dizzy. Let me know if you need any other info.
  3. kyle319

    280z performance parts & loads of body parts.

    Updated, sold wheels and tires along with some engine parts. Remember guys I have disassembled a few 280z's so if there is anything you need just feel free to ask.
  4. kyle319

    WTB 240z 260z 280z Hood

    Any luck on this? I have two spare hoods. I have absolutely no idea how much they would cost to ship... text me at 3194048904. I'll be running to the post in a bit so I can ask the guys what they think
  5. kyle319

    280z performance parts & loads of body parts.

    Added pictures of the tires and rims... somehow I forgot to take pictures. Overall, they are in good condition, could definitely use a good scrub down.
  6. I know the rules say to be specific in the title but I have a lot of parts to sell here so that's the best I can do:) I have been meaning to post this for some time now but have resisted until my build was nearing completion... I would hate to sell something then realize that I need it later! This will by no means be a comprehensive list of what I have to sell, if you need something feel free to pm me and/or send me a text at 319-404-8904, chances are I have it! I will be checking this post and updating frequently! If it's still listed, it's still for sale! All of these parts are located in Waterloo, Iowa 50701. I am more than happy to let you come here to pick them up.. otherwise buyer will pay shipping costs. All prices are not including shipping. All prices are OBO, I am basing them on their condition and purchase price on receipts. All of the "performance" parts were purchased less than 10 years ago and were maintained meticulously! I am only selling because I will no longer be using the Nissan L series platform.. as you can tell from the attached picture. This is just to gather funds for the jz build:) Items for Sale Engine Items: Crank Pulley w/ 36-1 wheel and hardware - $50 Flex fan w/ spacer - $50 MSA 3-2 header w/ o2 plug - $100 (this is just surface rust.. I used the rest of the exhaust on my friends subaru.. welded fine!) 15x7 Chrome Konig Rewinds w/ Hankook K106 205/50 - $325 Megasquirt Relay Board - $50 Suspension Items: Camber Kit Rear - $50 Camber Kit Front - $50 Camber Kit Combined - $80 KYB Struts and Springs w/ metal perch and rubber covers - $75 (this is so low due to these eibach springs being cut and ran on strut inserts... not an ideal way to run these and its very hard the inserts but if someone wants to slam their z and doesn't care this will work for you!) Front strut brace - $60 Intake Items: Fuel Injectors - $150 Shaved Intake n47 - $100 Pallnet Rail (1/4npt ends) - $75 Big Throat Throttle Body w/ 240sx tps - $130 Intake tube w/ filter - $40 (cringy blue flex tubing included for free ) Ignition Items: PS-60 Ignition Coil - $30 XR3000 Ignition - $85 Distributor w/ Optical Sensor - $100 Misc Distributor Wires w/ Plugs - $15 (All are cut due to me switching to wasted spark setup, except coil to dist... plug ends are good just buy some new wires and re-crimp) Full ignition set in picture (everything listed above) - $175 Other: Well maintained l28 n47/n42 : $350 picked up. (we could work out shipping but im sure its costly!) 78 280z motor and transmission from parts car - $300 picked up (same as above) Spare 4spd from 75 280 - $ 150 r200 from 78 280z - $200 I have disassembled a few of these cars if you are looking for something just ask I may have it! (1 one stuffed w/ parts from a bunch s30's.. if you look in the picture with my car in it all of the shelving on the left is filled with s30 parts) Thanks for the interest!! EDIT: Well... it looks like most of the pictures are upside down... awesome! I'll try to edit this asap, but I have to leave my computer for now... FWIW I don't post much on here! If you know how to fix this please post a response quick, it will save me some time trouble shooting!
  7. kyle319

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Very Interested!
  8. kyle319

    Wtb r200,rear transverse link,front diff mount

    Hey I have a spare r200 and possibly the mounts.. I will have to look. Text me at 319-404-8904! You can pm on here too, it may just take me a bit longer to respond.
  9. kyle319

    Evos 9sec 2jz build

    Amazing man, that second pull looked good! Just out of curiosity do you still have those ID1,000's? I'd be willing to take those off your hand, same with your old fuel rail if you still have it. Just shoot me a pm. One of a kind build you have here!
  10. I'm interested in the axles if they will work for my application. Do you know if these axles will "slide" into any r200? I'm sure I can find out after a few searches but perhaps someone here has the answer? I have an r200 with an obx and stock companion flanges.
  11. kyle319

    Seat swap list for s30's

    I don't have any pictures since they are out of the car right now but RX8 seats fit great! I just made brackets to solid mount them to the existing mount points on my 75 280z chassis. They look like this.
  12. kyle319

    To weld or to epoxy?

    Kind of hard to envision exactly where you're talking about. When I did my flares I welding everything back up. I've read that the whole area is structural so based on that I would recommend welding. Thats the approach I took anyways.
  13. Interested in manifold and turbo. Pm me or text me at 3194048904