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  1. Help NO START

    May have crap in the fuel lines, the filter(s), or the pump itself. Any rust or sediment that may have been in the tank could have gotten stirred up during the tow and is now plugging the fuel lines at some point. If this is the problem, the only permanent solution is to drop the tank and clean it; disconnect all lines and blow them out; and replace the filter(s) with new/clean ones. If you go this route, this is the right time to replace all the rubber fuel lines with new hose. Good luck with it.
  2. Bump...new package deal: $60 for everything shipped anywhere in the US!!
  3. Several various switches and warning indicators for sale; most pulled from 1973 early-model 260 and a 1974 late-model 260. Rear Defogger Switch, two available. Both in very good physical condition, both have the same plug, and both work, tested on digimeter. $12 each. Rear Defogger Indicator Lamp, two available. Both in excellent physical condition, but one is missing the pigtail and bulb socket. $10 for the one with the pigtail; $5 for the one without. Choke Indicator Lamp, two available. Both in very good condition. Please note that one has a two-prong male connector and the other has a two-prong female connector. $10 each. Warning Buzzer with three-prong male connector. $15. AC Temperature Control Switch. It's in ok physical condition and working condition is unknown. $10. Miscellaneous lamps with pigtails, three available. All three in excellent condition; all three have different length pigtails and different plug configurations. $2 each. Emergency Cutoff Switch. Plug and wiring are in good condition, but the button has been broken off. Free to anyone who purchases at least $15 of parts. Random Switch Delete Covers, two available. I'm pretty sure the larger one is from a Z car; no idea what car the small one came from. Free to anyone that purchases at least $10 of parts. Prices do not include shipping. All of these small parts can be combined for shipping; so the more you buy, the more you save! Thanks for looking.
  4. LS1 Powered 1973 Datsun 240z

    Lovely. Be interested to see how much this sells for....it's only at $12K so far, with 2 days to go. GLWS.
  5. Just bought a case of Valvoline VR1 today....Amazon carries it but I found some locally at the NAPA store. Royal Purple also looks to be a good choice that's available at many chain auto parts stores.
  6. Cheapest option is probably going to be USPS Flat Rate medium box: $13.65. The bracket is 14" long and it's going from east coast to Utah, so shipping won't be cheap. May not be worth it for a $5 part. Lemme' know what you think. Thx.
  7. Variety of S30 interior parts and pieces available, all in very nice usable and functional condition. Prices do not include shipping. Storage Compartment Lids, two available. $15 each; $25 for both. SOLD Brake Boot Lever, MSA brand. $9. SOLD Radio Mounting Bracket. $5. Glove Box Door. $20 (door only; the glove box itself is sold). Glove Box Lamp, good working condition (two are pictured, but only have one available.) $5. Heater/Defroster Center Console Panel, two available: $40 and $15 respectively; or $50 for both. -- The first one is in very nice original condition. Map light works; Seat Belt lamp works. Plastic and vent controls all in excellent condition. $40. -- The second panel is in ok condition, but has been slightly boogered up over the years. One of the vent control tabs is broken and the warning lamps panels have both been drilled for aftermarket indicator lights. The map light works well. $15. SOLD Thanks for looking!
  8. I've been doing a lot of research on this specific topic lately, and one thing that stands out in my mind is that Grumpyvette recommends ZDDPlus as a regular oil additive.
  9. Thx for the reply, Grannyknot. And thank you also for the input on3/4" vs 1". May pick up a pair just to keep them on hand...I'll post my impressions of them if I get them.
  10. Anyone know anything about these? Seem to be a bit cheaper than others. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Z-Bump-Steer-Spacers-3-4-Thick-w-Bolts-240Z-260Z-280Z/112836474872?_trkparms=pageci%3A0e2e2b53-1b6a-11e8-b929-74dbd180e7fb|parentrq%3Ad5323e881610aa47a51b11a7ffff9831|iid%3A1&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236
  11. Primadonna Z #2 is on eBay

    ....and right-hand drive.
  12. Heater blower assembly from 1973 260Z with air conditioning. In good physical condition, no damage or rust, fan spins freely, defroster flap operates smoothly, bellows still soft and pliable, wiring and plugs in good shape. Tested on battery, and blower blows hard and pushes a lot of air. Compatible with other years if you have similar plug configuration. $20 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
  13. Strut tower brace

    The strut brace is sold. Thx, DAT240z; and thx to others that expressed interest. r/John
  14. Strut tower brace

    DAT240Z, I have a shipping quote and tried to PM you again, to no avail. Got the same message "DAT240Z can not receive messages". If email or cellular text will work better for you, send me your contact info. Thx.
  15. OEM springs - FREE

    I have 8 OEM springs, absolutely free to anyone willing to pay shipping and Paypal fee. Four are from an early-model 260, and four are from a late-model 260....I honestly couldn't tell you which springs came from which car. They're all roughly 15 inches total length; and they're all roughly 12 mm wire diameter (except for one that is approximately 11 mm wire diameter....weird). Post here or PM me if you're interested, and thanks for looking.
  16. Strut tower brace

    Hey DAT240z, thx for the reply. Yes, it's still available; but I would have sold it to LS6 if I hadn't heard back from you today, so I'm glad you were able to get back on the site. I'll get you a shipping quote this weekend. In the meantime here's a couple pics of it in my '73 260z, which has the same short rear struts as the 240. (The guy I bought it from had it in the rear of his '72 240z). Sorry, LS6240z....looks like it's sold; but I'll certainly let you know if anything changes. Thx very much for your interest.
  17. Might possibly also be the ignition switch wiring (which runs alongside the steering column) or the switch itself. The harness is designed such that full amperage runs through the switch, and when connections get old and corroded, it starts to heat up and melt electrical connectors and plugs. A good solution is the clean all your plugs and connections, and insert a relay into the system so that the ignition switch is not carrying the full electrical load. If your battery is dying when the car's not running, there is a draw somewhere in the system (stereo, alarm, etc). A quick start to tracking down the draw is to pull the fuses one at a time and see which circuit is draining the battery when the ignition's shut off. If that doesn't do it, you'll have to dive deeper into the various electrical harnesses with a multimeter. Electrical gremlins are a pain.
  18. Strut tower brace

    Thx for your reply, LS6240Z. I'll give DAT240Z another day or two to reply, but will look into shipping costs for you in the meantime. Kind regards.
  19. Strut tower brace

    Sure they do, as long as the plates retain the same 3-bolt pattern as the stock struts. I have coilovers and bolt-in camber plates front and rear on my cars, and used this bar no problem on two different cars. Some weld-in plates may preclude the use of a strut tower bar like this (and most others that are commercially available), but that's up to the owner to decide. I suppose the bar's mounting plates could be re-drilled to be compatible with other suspension set-ups; but again, that's up to the owner.
  20. Strut tower brace

    Tried PM'ing you, but got a pop-up notice that said you can't receive messages. Weird. Maybe something going on with the website right now? Anyway, I have this rear strut bar. Ran it in the rear of my '73 260, which has the same struts/strut towers as the 240. The end plates can also be run on the front strut towers, with a different cross bar. How about $55 plus shipping? Thanks. r/John
  21. Stock front sway bar - $20 USD!

    Bar is still available. $20 plus shipping.
  22. Stock bars for sale; removed from my early 260Z (production 11/73). Rear bar is 20 mm and front is 18 mm. Bars only -- no bushings or end links. In excellent condition and ready for installation. Rear bar is sold; front bar still available. $20 plus shipping. Shipping from 23602, so you can do your own shipping estimates if you want to shop for the best price.
  23. Stock front sway bar - $20 USD!

    BUMP -- price drop. $20 plus shipping for the front bar.
  24. Orange Airbox

    BUMP -- price drop. $40 plus shipping.