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  1. Ssworx

    any pictures of the front. the rear look like they fit really well.
  2. Ssworx

    Do you think you'll be picking a set up?
  3. Ssworx

    another issue I have is how simple they look to make. It literally only looks like they cut a piece of sheet metal and folded it over the wheel well. I'll most likely make my own if I don't find something different. Have you thought about just cutting your stock fender flare and leaving it connected at the bottom and extending it "x" amount of inches with filler sheet metal? Something like this,
  4. Ssworx

    I've seen there site when I was looking into metal fenders but never saw them on any car other than the one on site. Curious to see if anyones used it.
  5. great job on the body work, really enjoy seeing flares blended into the body of the car. Looking to do something similar in the near future, any words of wisdom? Things to avoid or something you might do differently if doing another Z?
  6. Exposed's 1jz Build

    255/50/r16, R888
  7. Instagram Z cars

    thread a bit old but I'll toss my instagram build thread on here. "alex240z"
  8. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    I'll snap some pictures of the mounts later today, I'll warn you now they aren't pretty but they're working fine at the moment.
  9. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    I personally haven't driven a car with a R154 in it but i'm interested to see what everyone has to say. For the shifter relocation on the CD009 you can probably fab something up if your interested in saving some cash if you decide to with the CD009. Ill try to dig up an old thread I found where they built there own shifter relocation for the CD009.
  10. TIG welder recommendation

    completely agree that technique is very important, I'm no welder but from what I've read the wrong electrode choice can affect your arc.
  11. Tig Help

    whenever I weld 16gauge 304SS I get this grey discoloration. I'm thinking I'm moving to slow and seems like my heat is to high based off this chart.
  12. TIG welder recommendation

    heres a good read if you haven't seen this site before, also has very helpful youtube videos. http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/tig-welding.html
  13. Tig Help

    @Geno750 That looks really good, do you find its easier to get good colouring and a good bead on thicker peices? What are your settings and what type of electrode are you using?
  14. Tig Help

    its shiny silver. I'll snap a couple pictures of it and toss them up.
  15. TIG welder recommendation

    what type of material are you going to be working on the most? Have you already thought about which electrodes youll be using?