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  1. The car pictured WAS a 73 240Z. I have the title. Matching vin on car. I'm currently taking it apart and have sold a few things already. However, note the 73-ish remark in the title of the thread. Almost nothing was left original as all I cared for was racing it. And I bought it as roller, which means someone else had at it before me... Some parts off it were even '78s. But the vin still suggests a 73. Anyway, moot point now... I've taken the new race car (2010 nismo 370z LS3 V8) out a couple of times and there's no going back Sure glad some people know better what car it is than
  2. I am selling my 1973 Datsun 240Z. Bought as roller without engine/trans in 2011/2012. Previous owner/s have changed the roof and various parts, so some of the stuff i pulled out was off a 260z/ 280z and there might still be some mixed parts on it. That and all the modifications pretty much eliminate this as a show car. Do not buy this thinking it can be restored to show car quality. It would take far more than would make economic sense. This is purely made to run quick/fast, not to look pretty. It's raw and needs muscle to be driven. It has manual brakes without booster and manual steering wit
  3. oh. just looked at it. don't have one that looks like that, sorry...
  4. That was me mentioning the different color... Glad you didn't take it! Good luck with your search... And your grad and finding a job and...
  5. Oh, and since you're doing this, I found a battery distribution block to be a very neat thing to have. In case you are putting your battery in the trunk or so that is...
  6. I used a VERY thick wire (4 gauge I believe) and crimped some battery-terminal ends from my auto parts store on it. Works great. For trouble free longevity though, I'd have to agree with dr_hunt; nothing beats soldered connections, even though you could just crimp it and look at it in one year or so and see, if anything is wrong with it. Leave a little extra slack on it, just in case it does go bad and you need to cut a fresh end...
  7. It has a few nice things like the msa body kit or the rims (if you like 'em), but the drivers side floor pan is bad. Usually rust doesn't just appear in one spot, so make sure you poke other spots from underneath. Generally, a car with a shot interior and not run for over a year would not be worth 2000 to me. The oil pan looks like oil did leak, running down on it. The different paint color inside the trunk could mean it had a rear end collision at some point, and the fact that the guy has two transmissions leads me to believe there was something wrong with the original transmission, I'd assum
  8. do you have a picture of what you are looking for? I have 2 rims that size off of a Z, but no clue what they are...
  9. ANPlumbing.com has 'em all, but as stated below, get the AN-3 fittings that connect directly to master and slave cylinders - more fittings = more trouble sources... Bleeding an OEM slave cylinder is a @#$%^. For the 1993 - 1997 Camaro/ Firebird (external slave, not hydraulic throw-out) you have to take the slave off, hang it lower than the master (in Z-cars they usually are lower), open the reservoir, push the slave in about 3/4 to 7/8 and hold, close the reservoir and then pump the slave in and out until no more bubbles rise. This is especially hard if you have a non-transparent reservo
  10. Yeah, but this wasn't your thread, 1badzx - I still do need the hubs! However, I was offered the calipers (see below) and bought them. Hubs, anyone?? Thank you!
  11. $50 sounds very good! Can you shoot me a picture or two?
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