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  1. I'm pretty sure they sell a separate harness for the trans.
  2. Get one from CXracing. It cools my b well
  3. If u end up needing the CAS from an 82, message me. I have a brand new one if I can find it. Lol
  4. Not sure about the jwt setup, but on megasquirt, my l28et idled best around 18°. It was pretty rough at 10 when I was getting it running.
  5. This one is a good deal, in my opinion.http://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/4589615635.html
  6. Just curious, does anyone have an extra holset turbine housing laying around. I'm not set on a size but it has to be non gated. Thanks
  7. I think there is around 32.5" between towers on a 280. I measured mine for a vk56 here awhile back and it would have fit. Its a dohc v8
  8. When troubleshooting mine when it had a dizzy, I could repeatably ground out the signal wire (white wire) in the ms harness and it would trigger the ms to fire. That was with a pullup wired in as per Moby's diagram. This leads to believe that the stock cas is going 5v to ground and, with the pullup resistor, its going 12v to ground in the ecu
  9. It should start at that, but mine has preferred 18° on dizzy and edis
  10. I've got an ms1v3 with 'extra' firmware. It was running my l28et with EDIS. Was running good when I pulled it out and has been on the shelf since January. I would sell it for $200 shipped.
  11. Unless you have an oscilloscope, I believe the best way to measure your trigger input is in the trigger logger in tunerstudio. It will show the 'strength' of the signal
  12. I've got a stock p90 turbo cam. If you're interested, send me a pm. Could do $45 shipped. Also, have the towers and could send those too for $60.
  13. May be a long shot, but does anyone have the compressor mount for an rb25?
  14. Just curious, what's your intake temps getting up to?
  15. If you're still experiencing that heat soak problem, I wouldn't think it would be a good idea to throw more fuel at it.
  16. Yes that was meant to be 'factory CHTS'. Has it been calibrated to the MS? I understand the worry about rust, but I would strongly suggest running a turbo blanket and I would also wrap the downpipe. I, first, painted the downpipe with vht and it hasn't rusted in a year now.
  17. Keep in mind that your engine temp and fuel temp can be entirely different. Are you using the factory Cuts for your reading? Still have factory heat shielding? Turbo blanket and downpipe wrapped?
  18. The end of may is winding down, Sunny! You can do it!
  19. Here's how I wired mine and it works great. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/56438-corrected-wiring-diagrams-for-edis-6-ignition-module/ Also, tie a wire into each driver signal and wire in diodes as shown in this pic for your tach signal. I removed the factory tach resistor and plugged my tach wire into the factory harness with a bullet connector.
  20. I personally like a bumper less look, but I'm with 1tuffZ...if you like a bumper, then slightly widen the center section of the bumpers, and flail the ends on the angle to march the quarters. It looks like it would be a bit much of an angle without widening the bumper.
  21. Ive got the same setup in my car. Tonight I will look back at my schematics and let u know.
  22. I, personally, just bought all LED bulbs off of amazon. It kept the classic look but much brighter and less load.
  23. 2nded...I used the low z 7mgte injectors with my MS1v3 board for awhile.
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