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  1. thank you, edited best I could and I will stick to the rules and post in the vender forum when i have kits available.
  2. In short. Kit is bolt in instead of an r200. One bracket on the drivers side in the trans tunnel is in the way but the parking brake cables are left untouched. Uses 2015 mustang brakes, hubs, cv axle parts and diff. Requires custom length axle shafts if using factory cv. Or 800hp and 1400hp race axles. The kit bolts up to 2004 neon coilovers with swapped tops. Also has the option to run smaller 2014 mustang brakes and use 15 inch wheels as a result. New 34 spline super 8.8 is 30% stronger than the older 31 spline 8.8 diff and shares NO parts with them. Thats a quote direct from ford. Some Older 8.8 swaps have easily held 800hp on a datsun and NONE have ever been this strong or used a cradle. The custom shafts are 800 ft lbs capable but use factory cv so 500hp is what i would trust them at. 800hp has been used on much weaker parts... but I'm not going to make those promises. The 800hp axles sold by DSS are for a 4,000 lb car so you make you own guesses as to what they're good to on a datsun... ***contact for pricing if interested, on an individual basis*** Today for example i ordered some half inch cut pieces at an amazing deal so price will reflect that in the future.
  3. Cutting them by hand takes forever and theres no way i'm working for free.
  4. Bolted everything up and then welded the front part to the crossmember on the customers car. Definitely the strongest way to do it.
  5. Built jig for the uprights and making progress. Still a few more things to finish and I'm dropping it off for the customer. Both sides will be gusseted btw... Oh and had a chance to snap a pic of whats needed from a 2015 mustang (brakes can be 2014 for smaller wheels) Brakes, hubs, cv axles with custom length shaft, and the diff itself comes from one donor car.
  6. A part that can easily be replaced once i get to the hp goals. What's your point? Test fitting a customers cradle in my rusty pile of a datsun before final weld. Now that everything checks out I'm building jigs so i don't have to take my car apart every time someone wants a cradle and uprights.
  7. Mismatch would be if i stayed with a small motor and toploader... plans are for insane level hp.
  8. Got a 1,000 hp nascar driveshaft... 4.5 inches in diameter. Compared to the current aluminum corvette driveshaft I've been using so far. Btw nascar driveshafts are $90 to $150 all over ebay. Too long for this, but cut and balance isn't too bad cost wise, and the driveshafts usually come with billet yokes which are worth the purchase price by themselves. Spicer 1350 u joint flange and factory five super 8.8 driveshaft adapter for the cast iron diff. Automatic cars that used an aluminum diff get a different adapter because they used a different driveshaft from ford. Not sure if i mentioned this, but my goals for this car are to use a 532 cubic big block ford stroker with aluminum heads and a toploader 4 speed... and later a nascar trans if the toploader lets go.
  9. I'm in portland. You're welcome to stop by at the end of the week and look it all over.
  10. Thats close enough i guess. Should i make you a set from this batch? The guy I'm working with who's helping with the axles is in California as well
  11. Not a problem. I can make as many as there is demand for. And who ever is on the fence can always just wait for results from either my car or another customer before contacting me for anything.
  12. Currently only planning on making 3 right now. I can make as many as people want really.
  13. Back in town and working on a couple cradles for a couple guys who want them here and now. Still waiting on the axle shafts. $255 per shaft if bought in bulk and they're made from scratch, and heat treated after. Got my hopes up, because these would be just the ticket to assemble on factory 2015 mustang cv axles. Mind you the factory axles use a hollow shaft on the left side... and these new ones don't. I'll post some pics soon of the cradles and hopefully have news on the shafts. Fingers crossed I'm dealing with good people... would be nice to have 500hp at 4,000 lbs capable cv axles for under $700 a pair... plan B is the $1,300 ones rated to 800hp at 4,000 lbs but thats a good bit more money.
  14. Just doing what i can. I should be back to work on it on the 25th, and I'm still waiting to see how the new batch of axle shafts turns out.
  15. Thats literally what several different people are doing. Just not worth dealing with the factory stubs.
  16. Still away working, but before i left I was able to grab a pic of my old 240z stub axle compared to the 32 spline end of my 2015 mustang cv end. Definitely a night and day difference.
  17. Its compatible... no matter what route you go, ditching the stub axles would be a good move. You can find whatever info you like on the super 8.8 swap I'm doing in its own thread so I'm not going to talk about that here. An option is to stick with the r200 and replace the outer uprights with either a techno toy tuning upright or one of your own design, or buy one from someone else. If using the t3 ones for example, you can rock 4 lug 240sx hubs and brakes and just figure out how exactly you're going to connect that cv joint to an inner that works with the r200... either via the 300zx axles and a hybrid 240sx shaft or maybe some porsche 930 race axle setup and finding off the shelf stubs for that application etc. 600 to 700 hp is up there however and hybrid 4 cyl car cv axles may not hold up very long. But the options are out there. Wilwood hubs used by race teams often use a tie wire method to keep things from coming apart.... so if dead set on using DSS axles maybe something like that is an option?
  18. Currently away travelling for work, but before i left, i mounted the setup again to measure axle movement and to see how everything works together and I'll be able to drive the car once i get back and plumb the brakes up. I do have a company making axle shafts from scratch through a member here. Heat treated new shafts instead of cut down junkyard cores. Hopefully those work out quality wise, and that will be the final piece of the puzzle...
  19. Assembled them. Planning on putting them in and seeing how short they are, or if they work. Working with another axle manufacturer to make a small batch that i can sell to who ever buys the mount... because i don't want anyone going through what i went through just to get a pair of shafts.
  20. I literally sent them a sample, and gave them written instructions that were a reflection of that sample. Plus i sent them both stars as well.
  21. Got the axles back from moser. They're not as bad as the first set, and i can finally use them. But they are not the length I gave them and the shoulder on one side is completely wrong. I am now looking for another company for future orders, because there is no excuse for this. They wasted 4 weeks of my time to give me product that doesn't even come close to being correct.
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