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  1. Does anyone a good foundation repair company? I am from Oakville and my house is in need of foundation repair. I just know this foundation repair company for whom I had designed a website earlier. I don't know how their work is though. Any recommendations?
  2. Guys, Has anyone faced issue with website fonts on Mac before? I just finished working on this website http://www.removeandrestore.ca/ and noticed the font look very different on Mac. I am using a font style which is supported on Mac. I have no clue why this happening. Can someone help?
  3. Just wondering if there will be any reaction on my windows if you use blue dawn and rain-x for cleaning. I came to this idea through this infographic, https://www.clerawindows.com/blog/best-way-to-clean-windows/. The graphic says that the method is very effective. I just wanted to take some feedback before I try it out.
  4. Thank You for your response and sorry about the delay. It's not related to Zs. Cheers!
  5. Hi, I was looking to share content related to electric vehicles in a relevant thread. It was an article I found on the net regarding the advantages of electric vehicles https://www.autoloansolutions.ca/electric-vehicles-are-the-future/ . Unfortunately, I could not find a thread suitable for the same. Could a site moderator or admin be of helping hand about the trouble? Thank You! Cheers and regards.
  6. Also, is there a critical limit to the number of posts per person or per day?
  7. I have also experienced the same issue in a couple of threads.
  8. From what I heard, there are many privileged body shops in Miami.
  9. You might have to consult with a technician.
  10. Theft is not the biggest problem the world faces now. But when you are on the receiving end of it, it seems like a travesty. My sympathies!
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