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  1. Thanks for your comments Ohm. I am confused on your responses if they are referring to the rear suspension conversion kit , or the track attack rear suspension. Do all your answers apply to both products? Can you give a basic rundown to the differences between the two products? Some differences are obvious, but please list them all. Can you specifically say what axles are used? Any reason the more stout 1200ft/lbs axles from the other kit wouldn't work on this one? What options are there to upgrade the 370z stub axle to get it more in line with the torque capability of the rest of the components? Do the 370z brakes bolt right up? Any way to run a 15" wheel? Thanks Joe
  2. Anyone have a thought as to why they offer both the 300zx and 370z hubs/axles? Is one preferred to the other? Is this a much stronger option than the 280z stub axle?
  3. I emailed Apex with this thread link, hopefully they will respond.
  4. I may call them tomorrow. What are the biggest questions that need to be addressed in your opinion?
  5. Any thoughts on the Apex Engineered rear subframe against other options? https://www.apexengineered.com/store/p31/Rear_Suspension_Conversion.html I am building my s30 with a turbo LS and I am keen to upgrade the rear end. I know zcardepot already has a bolt in kit and others on this site are working on others. Just wanted to get people's opinions. Thanks
  6. Tony, do you have any links for me to read about the STI swap? Do any vendors sell a kit? Thanks
  7. I too would like to know if this is still going on
  8. Question about shifter placement. So since the Magnum trans moves the shifter location forward, what are your plans for the center console? Also, have you seen this? https://motoiq.com/watch-tremec-t-56-magnum-f-world-premiere-install-and-test/
  9. Would you mind summarizing your efforts? Like what does the kit come with, what parts are needed, and what power level it can support? Does the Z need to be modded? I've read the thread but not 100% sure. Thanks
  10. I wish they weren't on Facebook, I don't have Facebook and have no plans to get it. Is he on here?
  11. Anyone done a supercharged LS in a S30? I'm wondering if it fits under the stock hood.
  12. Thanks for your comments. After reading that many people were still searching/designing a great IRS solution, it really cemented my thought of a solid axle. Too bad the swapped owners group is on Facebook. I don't have Facebook and don't want it. Any of those guys on this site?
  13. Hello everyone, new member here. Just bought a solid 1976 280z roller and planning to do forced induction LS/t56 restomod. I had a question about the rear axle. I want to run a solid rear, probably a Ford 9" with a 4 link setup. I don't really care about the handling, just want a bulletproof setup. I know this has been done before, mostly in drag cars. I looked around to see if any vendors offered a 4 link setup for the S30, but couldn't find anything. So I am assuming I will have to adapt a universal kit. Has anyone done this? Specific questions: 1) does anyone sell a 4 link for this car? 2) has anyone had luck adapting a 4 link kit? 3) I understand there will be fabrication required, but would like to avoid backhalf/ tube frame 4) does a solid axle require notching of the frame rails to allow for stock or lower ride height? 5) pics of solid axle setups? 6) other considerations? Thanks!
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