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Twin cam head for the L6 from Derek at Datsunworks


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Not much to report. Waiting on the cam core castings. I got in a hurry when I was reaming the intake valve guide bores so the stock sized guides are too small. Fortunately SI Valves sells universal pre bored valve guides. They are manganese bronze. I have to machine the exterior to the correct size. After that the head is ready to go to Mazworks for the head work. I'm hoping to have it ready to go next week.


When I have the head back I can determine if the cam bores are still aligned. At that point if they are good the cams will ground.


The intake manifold printed cores are done and on their way to the foundry. I'm about a third of the way done with the manifold pattern. Should have it done next week as well.


I was sick for a week so that kind of screwed up production.

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Header design should support 400+...


Any headway on the header bits? I am fixing to cut another set of header flanges for a 3.4l GM V6 but it won't bump this down the list.


Finishing up a pattern today and I'll be able to work on the stubs tomorrow. Should be able to ship the flange, adapter and stubs tomorrow.

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They call him "Stubby"




Very happy with the fit. Made a mandrel to form the ovals. 




Should make for a nice looking header.


Remember kids good fabrication is all about joinery. The better the fit the smaller the weld. The smaller the weld the less the warp.





The flange and header will be mill finish.

Going out today to Xnke for fabrication. 

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I too would think 300 horsepower would be on the low side of things. K24 engines with K20 heads (and obviously high compression and bigger cams) are making over 300 WHP. Not sure how the K20 bottom end compares to an L-series...

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K20 motors can make a bit of hp, but struggle in the torque realm, the k20 base model and the k20 type-s/r models actually make a similar amount of torque despite the varied valve train/v-tec engagement point/compression ratio/etc. Would be very cool to see if the L - K combo yields the nice torque of the L-6 and the higher hp generating numbers the heads are known for.


Keep up the fantastic work sir.

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Header materials showed up friday, they're in the shop waiting on me to get back from work this week. Will start stripping my Z's manifolds off thursday to allow for the test fitting the header for the KN20 head.


Going to try to fit the headers such that the engine can be leaned either direction and they still clear the floor. May wind up with a removable collector, would be a better way to go in any case. Will allow for a header that can be tuned from 6000 to 9000RPM, which is the only place that I believe we'll see gains over a well-prepped 2-valve head.

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