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Heavy Duty frame rails and connectors

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    Sorry for Not Posting for a while.   After my last post on Jan 30,  I went my Orthopedic Surgeon to check on

my Sore Left Knee.   He previously did a Partial Knee Replacement on my Right Knee about 6 years ago.  At that time,  my Left Knee was not too bad but I had pain occasionally.  After the 2022 Sema Show, my knee got real bad to the point that I could hardly walk at the end of the day.   So I made an appointment to have my Left Knee checked out.   No surprises, the X Rays showed Bone to Bone Contact causing the pain.   So I wanted the surgery as soon as possible.    But I did not expect that there would be an opening for my surgery in only 2 weeks.  So on Feb 15 , I had a Total Knee Replacement Surgery which consists of installlation of a Titanium Joint inserted into my leg.   I went home the same day but I knew that the Physical Therapy would be Painful and take Months too.


Pic of my Left Knee

IMG_5237.JPG.296e21ecc0fc8dd96e4713c27f7fae47.JPGTop to Bottom



-Now back to posting - continuation of Air Conditioning Installation


Pic of the Sanden Compressor mounted with 90 degree Outlet Fittings to clear the Hood.



Top View of  Compressor Installation.



Vintage AC Condensor mounted in front of the Radiator Core Support.



As the new AC Compressor Location changed the Drive Belt Arrangement for the Alternator so

new mounts had to be constructed.



The New Alternator Mount being Test Fitted.



Front View of New Alternator Mount.



Mount was Powder coated and Test Fitted.




Front View of Mount



Because of the Evaporator Hoses, the Glove Compartment Box had to shortened in Depth by 2"'



So now, the Holley ECU Box was mounted in the Lower Shelve.   This postion is better for view the ECU LED Trouble Lights.  The Upper Shelve would  be the New Glove Box although smaller.


The Glove Compartment Door Hinges were slotted to provide additional adjustment.




Next- More Modifications to AC Vents ,etc.

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Posted (edited)

Reapairing Right Side Dashboard Ac Vent Hose-

   The Right AC Vent  2"Hose was broken off from the Duct Vent.   So a method to reconnect that hose would have

to be found.    I diecided to use a 3' piece of  2" radiator to"splint' the Vent Hose to the plastic Vent Housing.




 Used the Hot Glue Gun to adhere the Spint to the Vent Housing.


Inside View of the  Splint





The Finished Repair if the AC Vent Hose and Duct


I had to fabricate a Micro Phillips Screwdriver to remove the Three Phillips Heas Screws to Chrome Duct Vent.



This Micro Phillips Screwdriver also was used in other 'tight spaces" where normal phillips screwdrivers would not fit.


Modifying the Dashboard Center Vent-

   The Original Center Console Vent only had a small piece of foam around the vent tube leading to the Blower Box.

I decided to construct a sheet metal Tube that provide a tighter seal to Outlet Vent.



Making Template for the Vent Connector


Bending the sheet metal with a 5/8" deep socket to match the template shape.



Finished AC Vent Connector




Next-Heater Blower Fan Replacement



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