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Megasquirt grounding


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I've been putting in alot of time in the garage trying to tuck and shave my bay along with installing megasquirt. My only question about the whole thing is, how am I to ground the million black wires? I've read NOT to ground them all in the same spot. I've also read NOT to solder them into a bigger wire and put it in a single location. But I HAVE heard that I should ground everything to my block. I'm currently wiring the injectors. Where do I ground this bundle of 6 black wires? Tha k you very much for your response.


Sorry if this is in the wrong place or already posted. Still trying to figure out forums.

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I prefer grounding to the head or block far away from starter or coils ( If COP or CNP ) . Starter is a high EMI transmitter. I don't like any grounds near it. I've also read that you can get eddy currents near the starter ground when cranking. Those can induce impedance in the ground wires. 

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