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Garage sale. t5, l28 manifolds


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Parts located in Sacramento Delta area, California a few miles off hwy 12. 

Reasonable offers accepted. 


I no longer have the desire to horde z parts due to other goals, I would prefer these parts be used again by those who need them and not get scrapped.
There are also random ZX parts I still need to sort through, all the chassis controller boxes for an 83 such as the dash diagnostic control unit and cruise control unit. 


L28e dish pistons with rods $40

L series 6 cylinder points distributor $20

L28 F54, bored out too far, needs to be sleeved. have sonic test numbers. $80 obo


280zx turbo oil cooler core $40

L series 'white bunny' clutch setup, 240mm flywheel. $40

280ZX turbo R200 long nose 3.54 with welded center $80

R200 long nose 3.9 with welded center $80


good shape 1982 turbo ZX T5 box, needs reassembly and some parts, message for details.  Will not part out. 



2x L28e EFI intake manifolds $75 each
2x L28e EFI exhaust manifolds $75 each
1x L28 smog exhaust manifold welded up $75

L16 exhaust manifold 1972(?) $50



PAIR of 15x7 +22 Road line 4x114.3 no tires $100

PAIR of 16x8 +20 XXR 4x114.3/4x100 with new Archilles ATR 2 225/50r16 tires $200



















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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on here in a while.

I have the clutch still, your profile says you're in NY.. its going to be unreasonably expensive to ship it. 

I don't have any spare turbo parts other than what's listed.

message me if you're still interested in dropping by. 

Shipping is very expensive for any bulky parts, you're probably better off getting it local but I can get a quote if you're determined. 

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