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set up wheels ( for track or general...)

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would anyone be interested in set up wheels for their z? I am currently desgining some for a race car and the design is quite adjustable and would work with a z quite well.... dependson your hubs and what you want but feel free to message me for info on prices and designing to your spec and needs!


They look like a cross between these



and these 



They will be laser cut (or water jet still working out...) aluminum or steel depending on want and need and supplied with ball transfers for the feet and proper hardware, the system has been designed in cad, tested in real life and also tested in FEA to ensure that they wont buckle and hardware is adequete. I can add logos or labels on them as well. comment or message me if youre interested they make adjusting your suspension a breeze!


edited to say i can add logo

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16 hours ago, 260DET said:

Colour me ignorant but what are 'set up wheels'?


Wheels for setting up your car 😉


The items pictured are more like hub stands as they don't resemble wheels


It goes something like this - jack car up - wheel off's - bolt hub stand's to hub's in place of wheel's - lower onto corner weight scales/set up patch - give it a good shake to settle the suspension - adjust away to your hearts desire, without having to fight your way around the wheel that's normally in your way 

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