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Made a Billet cam sensor today.

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Used a Lathe, file, drill and belt sander. Came out really well. I wasn’t sure how I was going to hold down the sensor. At first I thought I would weld a boss for the screws to go into. I like my solution. I will make a spacer for the screw so it fill the gap between the sensor and the hold down tab. 




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That's a very elegant solution.  I especially like the way you used the circumferential groove to captivate a threaded fitting and standoff for securing the sensor - that's sort of a question, really, to be sure I am seeing it correctly. Been looking for a way to implement a cam sensor for a while now.  I think as soon as I can run my lathe again, I'll do the same thing.

What vehicle is the sensor for?


EDIT: Found one from a '95 Audi 90 that looks similar.  Never underestimate what one can accomplish when there's nothing to do but sit in front of a computer for countless hours a day. 😁

Thanks for sharing your design, tioga.

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Thanks Derek. I was very happy with how it came out. 

Et12K     yes it is a Audi sensor. Used through 2005 on lots of different models. Early cars used single window shutter wheel on cam to trigger. You will want one of them. Later cars used multi window of varying size. At least on AEM it requires a full revolution of the cam to sync where single window only needs the one window to pass. The cool thing audi did with the multi window sensor was they could use it in the event of a crank sensor failure and the car ran fine. Not many cars out there that use a crank sensor that will run without it. 

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