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What rear diff is this?

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The cover is from a Z31 Turbo. Doesn't necessarily mean that it's LSD. Pull the cover off and take some pictures of the carrier. An open carrier has round cross pin shafts. The LSD will have a square pins, or diamond shaped if it's the more rare NISMO version. There are pics of both in my big diff post in the drivetrain FAQ section. If it is LSD it's worth lots of money. Seen the finned cover alone up for $400, not sure if they sold it at that price. Seen the whole diff with CVs go for $1200+.

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+1 with @JMortensen

General note, you can not rely of the casting numbers. My 17’ R180 Subaru diff has the same giant “K” emboss as the one on my 70’s era 4.11. You hear a lot of rumors that these numbers mean this and that. The casting numbers mean nothing to anyone except the engineers at Hitachi, and they didn’t share. 

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Lately, seems everything sells quickly on FB, unless it gets snatched up first by someone here on HBZ.  😜  There are several FB pages for S30 enthusiasts; happy to share which pages I like, if you're interested.


As indicated by the others, that's a very desirable diff and should easily sell for a nice chunk of change.  (The finned rear cover is the icing on the cake.). Are you sure you don't want to keep it for yourself?

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