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Let's see your RB Z...


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Bought the engine in '00, but finally got it done last month :roll:, just in time for the '08 Z-Convention.

Sooo nice to get it back on the road. I've owned the car for almost 20 years, and put over 160k on it (the last 100k with the stock L series turbocharged).


Right now it's a totally stock RB25DET except for the (real) Greddy intake, 4" thick chinabay intercooler, and bit of powdercoating and polishing.


Ck out how clean the cams and the head are. This is a stock USED engine. I really lucked out on this one.


A little more boost, and then it's time to start on the body.


Don't know if I will have the time or $$ to finish the RB30DET by next summer, but I'm going to give it a try.




Drag race 029_thumb.jpg

Drag race 030_thumb.jpg


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What's the max HP on that disco potato?


The disco potato is installed now. It does have a quicker response than the stock turbo plus I'm running 11 psi of boost now. :) I also had custom IC pipes and exhaust made and installed by Tim at Turboelements. I added Cusco strut bars (front and back); had the crossover pipe and air plenum powder coated; had the heatshield, turbo and downpipe ceramic coated; and I painted the valve covers to match the car.



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Wow, a lot of unique stuff. Custom strut brace, oil catch can, large presure radiator, small battery (sealed?). Not many people slant the ic either, was it too large or for other reasons? Not to pick at it, but I've heard the bov is best closest to the tp as possible, does it make any real difference? You must have a good welder too.


Edit: two blowoffs? And filtered even, crazy.

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The intercooler is mounted on a cowl witch has an inlet under the intercooler that allows air straight to the radiator. That is why it is slanted.

The twin blow-off valves made a significant difference to on/off throttle response. As it is a track car this helps driveability.

Their position is more a function of where I can fit them then best possible location.

The battery is a dry cell.

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