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Tony's Toyota 7M-GTE in his `72 240Z Hybrid Turbo


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Some of you may know I've been working on this swap for some time. I had a bad case of "while I'm at it, I might as well..." For starters I've purchased a low mileaged JDM 7M-GTE long block that was in very nice condition. I expected to have a great deal more power with this engine and have done other supporting bolt ons to keep the car under control. The intentions of this car have been to keep it streetable with the ability to pull off a good 1/4 mile time.


Engine mods:

Blitz Stainless Steel Hand bent header (modified)

Super T70 Turbo, .70 A/R compressor housing, divided tangent T3 .84 A/R turbine housing and stage V turbine wheel. V-Band exhaust hook-up

HKS 40MM external Wastegate

TurboXS Type H Blow Off Valve

Front Mount Intercooler core dementions: 24"x12"x4"

MSD 8.5mm spark plug wires

Custom intake manifold w/65MM throttle body

3" SS mandrel exhaust system

2 1/2, and 3" SS mandrel bent intercooler piping

14" electric fan (1200cfm)



Wolf3D V4.0 Engine Management System (fully programable, built in boost controler)

550cc/min Fuel Injectors

Walbro inline fuel pump (GSL-392)

-6AN fuel lines




Toyota R154 5 Speed Transmission

Toyota Racing Development Clutch Kit

3.54:1 R200 Differential

280ZX Turbo CV half shafts, 280Z stub axels, Modern Motorsport CV adapters

Custom drive shaft



Tokico Springs

Tokico Struts

Urethain Bushing/Bump stops

MSA Front 1" and rear 7/8" sway bars

Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines

Toyota 4x4 4 piston front brake calipers

Brembo 11.4" rear solid rotor disk brakes, 240SX calipers, Modern Motorsports brakets

KVR brake pads







The car is running very strong right now, but does need to get dyno tuned. That will be happening later this year along with a metal head gasket, ARP head bolts.


Thank you everyone who has provided me with your insight expecially Clifton, Ross Corrigan of Modern Motorsports, Pete Sanders, and of course my girl Kim


Many local companies that have helped out in services include:


http://www.dnaparts.com/ Delaney and Ahlf Diesel Services for my TIG welding, T-bolt clamps and silicone hoses.

http://www.bobsmuffler.com/ Bob's Muffler: SS mandrel bending

http://www.amstreetrod.com/ American Street rod: many of those hard to find Earl's hose fittings

Pro Shaft of Bakersfield: made my custom drive shaft in one day, very high quality

Engine Pros, Inc: machine work, can prepare surfaces for multi layer head gaskets

http://www.taprecycling.com/ Toyota and Lexus Recycling, Inc. For a good 5 speed tranny and flywheel.

http://www.modern-motorsports.com/ Modern Motorsports for my CV adapters, and rear disk brake kit.

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The stock intake manifold crosses over the top of the valve covers, I wanted a more clean intercooler piping setup. I started out with a Oxygen cylinder, cut it to size, mounted it onto a set of upper manifold runners from an old intake manifold. Welded a flange on to be able to accept a Mercedes V8 65MM throttle body. The OD is about 4 1/4". I opted to not go with volocity stacs simply because of the cost


Here is a picture of right after cutting the intake manifold and sizing up:




I had to lower the alternator a little bit, which was pretty easy. This meant putting on a smaller belt:




Here is my computer rendering I designed to help guide the project:



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Now that is really a great job, I love what you did to the intake too it totally changes the whole look of the motor not to mention it probably performs much better now.


Great job, and im with Sleeper I cant wait to see the dyno numbers. Two thumbs up!!

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Very impressive installation!


Stacks are simple to make. You need to anneal the aluminum tubes on one end then whack ‘em with a steel ball to get the trumpet shape. But it would be a shame to split that beautiful manifold to put them in.

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Guest bastaad525

yep key word on this install is definately CLEAN. The utter lack of wires and excessive stuff... Supra motor swaps can turn into real rats' nests' but somehow you hid everything away very nicely.


Is it just me or is the 7m motor a bit shorter than L28ET? Or is it just set much closer to the firewall?

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Here is an above engine picture of my previously owned `73 with a L28ET:




The 7M does seem shorter, and I had to move it further back to get the shifter in a good spot. The rear of the valve covers are under the hood latch support, and it would be tight removing the head if I had studs installed. I figure I'll have to do what a lot of the V8 guys do to the hood latch support.


This car has a very distinct sound to it when under boost that I will record for you guys within the week. Sadly I think the TRD clutch isn't going to be enough, I felt it slip under boost on the freeway today.


It is hard to explain to someone the experience of a good sized turbo car, expecially right as it spools up when you're not expecting it. The moment before the turbo hits you think the car is going well enough to pass any ricer you may see, a short time after that a rush of air all around you pushes the car foward so hard all you can think about is trying to keep your head upright. Soon after that you are grabbing desperately for the brakes. It feels like this much fun shouldn't be legal. You long forget about ricers and look for larger prey.


Some of you know this feeling, it's the first for me. My L28ET setup felt nothing like this. Had I done some of the bolt ons I've done on this engine to the L28ET I'm sure it would have been a real kick too. But ultimately I think I will be able to reach my goals with this engine with less money out of pocket.


Thank you for all of your good comments. I've worked on the car on and off over the past 3-4 years. In that time I've owned an `87 Supra Turbo that was pretty much stock, but very clean and was fun at ~10#'s boost. Very nice car, much more tame than the 240Z-7M. Working on and driving the Surpa with the 7M in it is what made me want this engine in my Z. I did go through a blow head gasket problem on the Supra at around 110K miles, but nothing to sweat over, and it's easy to make solid. I put a good amount of thought into picking an engine I considered the RB, 1JZ, and 2JZ. I actually ordered a 2JZ, but put the order on a Debit card that had a daily spending limit set on it that was less than the engine. That gave me time to think it over a little more, and I figured for the same price as a 2JZ I could have a 7M with the bolt ons that I wanted. The RB being the same case, while the 1JZ is a little difficult to find parts for, but would be my second choice based on its price and potential.

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Guest Ender-DI

Wow, incredible piece of art there, Tony.


Having killed two 7M motors in one Supra myself, I'd like to also warn you about rod knock. Make sure that thing has PLENTY of oil and oil pressure in it at all times! Check out the MkIII forums on www.SupraForums.com for tons of 7M info. Oh yeah, and let me know if you want any ideas on a clutch replacement.


I'm here in Bakersfield too (Julie and Kynan let me know about this thread), I'd love to check out your Z! I'm looking into getting another MkIII Supra and a friend is currently looking for a 240Z to drop in a V8. I'm sure we could all share some info and stories. =)


Beautiful work, man. Julie tells me you've been working on it for a long time and it shows!



1986 AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S

1976 TE38 Toyota Corolla Wagon

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That's great work. Very clean. I think the 7m-gte is a steal. They are dirt cheap used and the headgasket fix is simple. I had a built up L28t in my 510 before my 7m and even with increased displacement and a professionally ported head the stock 7m performed better with everything else the same. Same turbo, intercooler, ignition, fuel etc.




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