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Finally Done! 240Z RB

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I think it looks great! I can't believe how much negative feedback your getting. I thought this was hybridz not zcar?


One question though....why the tire sizes? They are way too small for 9" and 9.5" rims. I was running 265's on my 9.5" rims and that's even a touch too small. I am now running 275's which actually fit the wheels better but they rub now.

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15 inch rims!?!?! isnt a 225/50 series 15 a bit SHORTER than stock tire size??


is this a typo, is this car geared for tires like this.. or what?


I ask because if you DID stick with smaller diameter wheels then you are a man after my own heart... it didn't look so much like 15 inch rims in the pictures but on review I cannot tell.


The more I look at it the more I believe it.. and I can't BELIEVE that I didn't notice sooner.... I LIKE it... :2thumbs:

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Tagging this for later. I'm digging the interior lights, but I'minterested in how they are at night, since it seems as though they might be overly bright. I find sometimes that especially with the anemic lighting system of the old Zs that having as few lights on in the interior, the better (I'll even turn the radio off to kill the lights on that).

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