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Project VQ is Underway!


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I still think that you should do something like this....




As of rignt now that's just bling that I can't afford. I need to get this thing going so I can get some seat time on the track. It's been a while...

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I got almost everything mounted with the car on the ground...only to be removed right after for paint.


Everthing feels good in the driver seat. The shifter is closer within reach and the throws are short and crisp, very go-cart-ish I might ad. At first I wasn't too happy about adding the electronic gas pedal but, it's travel is fairly long (which is great for modulation) and the spring tension feels good so maybe its not so bad.


I got everything to clear under the hood but, I forgot about the STB which might not let me make a front mounted TB.

So all I have left is paint, fuel plumbing, manifold, and wiring and this thing should be running again!





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I hate to be such a flip flopper but I'm sticking with my original design and making the intake manifold go back into the cowl. After sizing everything up I found out I can't make a front mounted TB because of hood and strut brace clearence. There isnt enough room to turn the TB down and back towards the passenger side battery area and, I cant fit a large enough tube to go in the original location.


After much thought about going back into the cowl I realized the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Hear me out.


1. The entire intake system will only consist of 2 90 degree bends BEFORE the TB and will only be about 2' in length.

2. The entire system will be outside of the hood meaning lower temps.

3. The filter will be placed on top of a sealed box in front of the windshield (high pressure area) and will take air directly from outside of the engine compartment.

4. It will look much cleaner because everything will be under the cowl and dash so no hose clamps, tubes, hoses, couplers, MAF can be seen, only a 5'' stright peice of aluminum tube.

6. and if you really want to get crazy, better weight distribution.


The disadventeges would be:


1. Cutting 3 holes in the cowl. However, 2 of them will be welded up to the steel intake tubing so hardly any ridgidity lost there.

2. I have to extend the MAF wiring into the cabin and extend the TB wires a couples inches.


That's all I can think of. I just wanted to run it by everyone just in case i'm not seeing something.

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Finished cutting/welding the holes and tubes for the intake routing. However, i'm still going to add 2 90 degree bends which are on their way.

I'm going to complete the 2 walls of the airbox with some aluminum sheets and then seam seal everything tight.


I'm hoping that this will be my last engine swap so I figured I finish everything off with the same paint as my body exterior.























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Now all I have to do is extend the TB flange and seal the airbox and the intake routing will be finished. I'm happy the way it turned out. I think i'm going to take the slits on the driver side of the cowl and place them next to the passenger side ones so that more air can be drawn in the box easier. Also probably going to remove the center slits and close up the wiper holes.







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I'm sorry but I'm a little concerned about what would happen if it rained. I know this is a track car but it can still get soaked at a track day. Factory air boxes have a cover over that filter with piping to inside a fender. Are you going to incorporate a water bypass in your piping. By the way I love your build and think it's going to be a great race car when your done.

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Just a little update. The car is back on the ground. I don't know if it's the new engine placement or weight but the front end is about 1/4 '' higher than before. I didnt realize how low the engine was placed until now. The lower oil pan is about 2'' lower than the cross member and is about 3'' from the ground which kind of worries me...


I had to redo my front brake lines because of the steering shaft and relocated the clutch line from passenger to driver side.


Also got most of the wiring installed. It's a mess compared to what I had before but the dash covers most of it pretty well.









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