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Post pics of your z's here!!


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My most recent project, a '71 240z (not that I really finished the last one).  I've mostly been updating on this project on Facebook/g+, but should start a build thread here.


Before paint (which had some issues not seen in these pics)

After recent paint, new emblems, coilovers up front, bad dog frame rails/subframe connectors, and new front brakes (stock replacement):

Still a lot of work to do (rear suspension/brakes, pull engine/trans and paint engine bay, paint/detail engine, 5-speed swap, diff swap, undercoating, new wheels, blah, blah, etc). 

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Here's my '76, will have owned her for a month in two more days.   My fourth Z, previous three being Z31's, my first S30 car.   Already love it.   I haven't had an opportunity yet to take some real photoshoot photo's of her, still trying to find a good backdrop in my area.   Have a long long long way to go with her.



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Ready for the GA 1/2-mile Sep 12,13.  MT 275/60/15s, BAMF flares.  Not in love with how tall the rear tires are, but I need them for the gearing the provide.  I have lowered the rear of the car an inch once I verified tire clearance at full bump.


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