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  1. rossman

    Broken Fuel Pump Bolt

    If you haven't been soaking it in penetrating oil, you need to. Welding on another bolt/nut is your best option. You're going to need one anyway if you're going to be modifying cars. Even a cheap Harbor Freight will work for this. I've read that they are pretty decent for the money. There are a few welder recommendation threads on HZ. Good luck!
  2. rossman


    Looks sharp! Some black CCWs that fill out those flares would look very nice on that car.
  3. rossman

    Hello from overseas

    Welcome Sascha! That is a great looking BRZ!
  4. rossman

    Gpop shop rebuild result

    Don't think heat management is important? Check this, skip to 22:00
  5. rossman

    New 240z owner from Texas :)

    Welcome, that's a good looking car. I'd keep it that color. Is the rear hatch area rusted out or am I seeing things?
  6. rossman

    Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    It's not really. All of those pitted areas of metal will be super thin once you grind them back to fresh metal for welding.
  7. rossman

    Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Sux. I know the feeling all too well. The PO of my car filled holes in the frame rails and corresponding holes in the floorboard with Great Stuff then covered them with dynamat. He told me with a straight face that the frame rails and floor pans were "solid."
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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

  13. rossman

    Cam options 260z

    I'm curious if you guys with reground rockers have checked for spalling on the rocker pads. Also, how much lift are you running and what oils did you use for break-in and post break-in.
  14. My dad had a 260 when I was in high school in 1984. He let me drive it a few times. I fell in love with the styling and handling/feel of the car. I was driving a 1979 Subaru DL at the time so just about anything felt better, haha!. Anyway, one day just before I went off for college, my step father came to me with a proposition: trade the 1984 Toyota SR5 mini-truck I was driving at the time for his friend's well cared for 1975 280z. It was completely stock except for some cheesy fake wire wheels. I agreed and fell in love with the Z all over again. I drove it for many years just as it was, completely stock. Once I landed my first job, I started following the Z-car mailing list and looking at Black Dragon and Motorsport Auto catalogs. I was soon bit by the resto-mod bug and never looked back. I pulled off the heavy crash bumpers, added a Schneider cam, header and 2.5" exhaust. Drove it like that for several years until it overheated one day. After that, I purchased a Honda Accord, lost interest in the Z and sold it. In 2005 I purchased a 1988 Z31t Shiro and caught the bug again. I quickly realized that the Z31 didn't have the same sports car soul that the S30 does so I dumped it after a year or so. I like the car but it just didn't do it for me. In 2008 I got bug again, started searching around online, landed on Classic Zcar website. Reading there got me interested in stock zcars again. I ended up finding my current Z, a 1972 240z locally, purchased it and fell in love again. I fully intended in keeping it stock. After a week of driving, I decided to give it a valve adjustment that it desperately needed to get rid of a loud tick coming from the valve train. turns out it had a bent valve caused by bad head work to "fix" what I can only guess what a severely warped head. The cam bound up in the head and #6 valves were contacting the piston. Sooooo, I started looking at an upgraded engine and ended up with the beast I have currently. Some days I wish I just had a simple, stock 240z again, but oh well it is what it is at this point. Ross
  15. I've never seen one of those Motec style displays in a Z with the stock dash, only with custom dashes. It seems it would be quite difficult to integrate it into the stock dash since it is made from one piece molded plastic over soft foam. To me the S30 dash is an integral part of the style of the car. Making major changes to it destroys its vintage appeal...but hey, it your car, do what you like. Oh and blue displays and night driving don't mix well, especially for old eyes like mine. Just my $0.02. Good luck!
  16. rossman

    Cam options 260z

    Rockers. Some people have had luck resurfacing the rockers but others like myself have not.
  17. rossman

    Harmonic balancer fell off

    Agree with NewZed, probably doesn't have the right combination of bolt and washer for the damper. You might be bottoming the bolt end or shoulder before clamping the damper. Oh yeah and it's a damper pulley not a harmonic balancer, L6's are internally balanced.
  18. I think green with gold wheels and will look really good! Keep it up, your hard work is paying off!
  19. rossman

    240z Seats

    Up for sale are a pair of good condition recovered 240z seats. These are in good condition but not perfect as you can see in the pictures. $200 for the pair, pick up preferred but will ship if there is interest. OBO if picking up, firm +shipping if shipped. Seabrook, TX. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nAyE7K8P9kPZASrk7
  20. rossman

    240z Seats

  21. rossman

    240z Seats

    Thanks for your interest, but not, unless you have some convenient (for me) method in mind 😁. Also seems like it would be cost prohibitive seeing how it can be $100+ to ship them in the continental US.
  22. rossman

    Transmission leak

    I don't think it matters too much, just some sort of grease to protect the seal from wear on start-up. Some seals come prelubed so you don't have to add it.