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  1. Yah, me too. I've seen at one other person on HZ notice the issue. Maybe others just don't realize it's moving around. I also found it ridiculous that T3 put the cut-out for their logo right in the load path, further reducing the stiffness of the mount.
  2. Your bracket looks like it will hold the load much better than that flimsy T3 bracket. To drive the point home all you have to do is run some simple numbers. Lets assume your engine will be putting out 400 lbs-ft of torque at the crank with a 2.66:1 first gear ratio, 3.7:1 differential, and the mount is 6" from the center of the output flange. With that setup your engine will be applying (400 x 2.66 x 3.7) / .5 = 7,873.6 lbs at that interface! And that's just constant load, not considering the dynamic effect when you dump the clutch from a stand still. That case would be at least 2 times higher. To make things worse, the t3 bracket is cantilevered so you're applying that load in bending on chassis mounts that were designed to take the straight pulling load from a stock, ~150 lbs-ft engine.
  3. rossman

    Valve cover issues

    I didn't. RTV will eventually break down but it's soft so it may be OK.
  4. Autopower makes more than one version for the S30. I recently purchased the one that attaches to the wheel arches for ~$500 from MSA. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/50-1924
  5. rossman

    Valve cover issues

    Of course you can. Underneath the larger blobs of epoxy are screws that you'll have to remove. I cleaned all the epoxy off mine, and just reinstalled it without the epoxy. Use Loctite on the screws. I'm not getting any excessive oil in my catch can. This is a common issue with these old cars. Search around to see what others did.
  6. The goal of this project is to have a stock looking 1972 240z with a much more powerful engine and beefed up drive train and some suspension modifications to match. This car will be mostly a weekend driver with some track days. The only constraint (besides money ) is that I want to stick with the L6 and Datsun/Nissan parts as much as possible. Here is the current list of performance parts to reach this goal. Rebello built 3.0 liter L6 turbo N42 engine 89mm 8.5:1 forged JE pistons, Forged rods Offset ground l28 crank Custom Isky Turbo cam Intake: .535 lift, 278 duration, 114 lobe center Exhaust: .535 lift, 278 duration, 114 lobe center Ported head with 1 mm over sized stainless intake valves Intake: 201 @ 25" water Exhaust: 151 @ 25" water Garrett GT3582R turbo, .63 a/r on-center T3 turbine, 3" v-band Wolf V500 EMS running sequential fuel injection and firing six ls1 coils J & S Electronics Vampire individual cylinder knock control Custom Intake Tial BOV Tial wastegate AVO intercooler 21x8x3 core, 2.5” inlet/outlet Custom 3” down pipe Modified stock exhaust manifold and custom wastegate pipe 2.5” aluminum intercooler piping 65 mm throttle body 6 ls1 coils mounted on a Ron Tyler bracket 75 lbs RC fuel injectors Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and FPR Modified 240z gas tank with custom internal reservoir 83 zx distributor mounted CAS with an extra hole for ECU sync Z31t LSD differential Z31t half shafts with M2 shortened shafts Modern Motorsports Z31 to 280z stub axle adapters 280z stub axles Custom rear brace to clear differential cover Ron Tyler differential mount Arizona Z Car race brake conversion I am starting with a straight and almost rust free car. Here is a video of the car a few weeks after I purchased it. It turned out that the valve train noise was caused by a very poorly machined head. There were indentations on the pistons where the valves were hitting them. Here is what it looks like now. Kinda sad. It's been sitting for a while and is all dusty. The L24 is out. I expect to have the Rebello long block in a couple of weeks (January 2009). Here is my gearbox collection and the L24 block that I pulled out of this car. The clean gearbox is the one I pulled out of this car. It's a good box. The one to the left of it is an '82 close ratio. I may install one of these to begin with. When it craters, I'll swap in a Z32 box. Here is the F54/P90 core that I will be sending back to Rebello. My messy benches with lots of stock and performance Z stuff that I have been collecting over the past year or so. More when the engine comes in...
  7. rossman

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    The holes in the rails are currently just plain holes. I just purchased a cool rivnut installer so I'm planning to drill it out for 1/4" rivnuts. Regarding the angle, I just used 1x1 angle, tacked it to the sides then welded on 14 gauge to the side to tie in the floors. If I did it again, I would just use 1x2 as you mentioned. The challenge is getting the angle to fit on all sides to the irregular shape of the floor. I made many, many trips back and forth from the car to the bench grinder. Probably should have just clamped the grinder to the floor pan in the car to save myself so many trips! If you're that tall I wouldn't recommend using S2K seats. They sit very tall even with shortened rails. I'm a tad under 5'11" but have a long torso. I can only get 3 fingers between my head and the headliner.
  8. rossman

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    Update time! I've been working on the Z intermittently, the inside part of the floor pans are painted and ready for sound damping. I'm currently working on the underside, wire brushing the surface rust off. I'll follow that with Ospho, etch primer then finally 3M underbody coating. Top side of the floor pans done... Test fit the S2K seats...yah these are gonna work Oh, and I got my son his first car, a Z of course 2004 with only 37k on the clock. Spoiled rotten kid!
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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

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    From the album: rossman240z

  14. rossman

    Fuel Pump Whine, hows my fuel line routing?

    Did you figure out what was wrong?
  15. rossman

    Fuel Pump Whine, hows my fuel line routing?

    First thing to check is your pre-filter but it seems the pump would always struggle, even at startup if it's blocked or restricted. Where is your vent line going? Could it be blocked somehow? You might just try removing it and your gas cap next time your fuel pump starts humming again. If it clears up then you found your problem - the tank isn't venting properly. Open your tank to air and see if the humming goes away.
  16. rossman

    Back on the road after 6 years

    Welcome back! The new turbo and turbo setup looks pretty slick. I like the way you integrated the adapter with the wastegate port - all of the angles look like they will flow well. I have a GT3576R (pre X model) with a .63 A/R turbine and seems to work well with my engine. I'm sure the X version would perform even better.
  17. rossman

    Modified 240z Tank

  18. rossman

    l28e Crankshaft vs l28et Crankshaft

    They are the same. The only one that's different to my knowledge is the diesel version.
  19. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    It looks like your setup is good - pretty much the same as mine. Since your coils are wired to the Wolf channels in the correct firing order, I don't think it matters where your 0 is as long as you sequence each channel in numerical order and "0" (#4 in this case) is at TDC on the compression stroke when the coil fires immediately after SYNC. If that is the case then it seems that the firing order of 3,4,5,0,1,2 would work.
  20. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    That's what I thought. I guess I could have read your original post more carefully! I didn't go by the v500 manual - there is a simple (at least to me) how-to set up in this forum that I followed. Seems like the manual is telling you to find "0," like it's an unknown setup. I just set it on cylinder 1 since that is the first ignition timing event and it keeps things simple. That said, it all depends on your "Engine RER/SYNC Setup" and "Trigger REF" setup. I may be able to help more if you post screenshots of those. Edit: I just realized you're using v550 not v500. As you probably noticed, this forum is not active and I don't know if there are any other active people here using either v500 or v550.
  21. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    What do you mean by "0" point?
  22. rossman

    Sequencing Issues.

    I think you're over thinking it. I have my injectors set up the same as you: coil/injector 1 on cylinder 1, coil/injector 2 on cylinder 2, etc. Since the firing order of the L6 is 1-5-3-6-2-4 and Wolf starts with counting with 0 instead of 1, your offsets should be 0-4-2-5-1-3. You are correct that the ignition pulse skip should be 5 since you have a 6 event trigger wheel. Sequential injection is set up exactly the same way. Hope this helps.
  23. Mine was manufactured on 11/71. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread......
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    From the album: rossman240z