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  1. Chickenman

    ITB's bog on accel

    BTW, I've got 35+ years of experience under my belt Road Racing, Hillclimbing and Autocrossing. I've always been very successful in Tuning Carbs and now EFI for these types of events. Part throttle and Transitional Tuning is much, much harder to dial in than WOT Tuning. It's an area I concentrate my Tunes on.
  2. Chickenman

    ITB's bog on accel

    Quite a few things wrong with that Tune. No wonder you are having issues with AE. Made some revisions to. 1: AE settings. No where near correct. Made several changes there that should be positive. 2: Target AFR table far too lean at low RPM. VE table greatly affects transition off idle. Going too lean creates a bog. With proper Ve Table, less AE is required. 3: You were running Alpha N. MS3 has a special Fuel algorithm for ITB's. I have enabled that. 4: Spark Table needed some work 5: I've noticed that you have your O2 feedback control disabled. I have enabled it but set proper settings and filters on it. Send me a PM with your E-mail address and I will send you a touched up Tune. This is just a Baseline . but should be an improvement. I also do Remote Tuning and offer full Tunes built for your particular engine specs.
  3. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    PM me with your E-mail address and I'll send you a Quicky Tune. No where near ideal but should get you running better and idling. You may have to richen or Lean idle . Shoot for 13.8 on your WB AFR . Calibrate your sensors with new Tune. At least I hope you have a WB AFR Gauge. If not get one. And not Innovate. AEM or 14 Point7 are good. Innovate is a POS. ( And apparently going out of business. Bought out by AEM ... so the rumours say )
  4. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    You have a Wide Band controller or Narrow Band? You have it set up for a Narrow Band. Not that that is the problem. but it's an issue.
  5. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    I also do Remote Tuning for a very reasonable cost if you are still stuck. I'll send you a PM with details. Saves you a ton of time and headaches. Unfortunately I am very busy at the moment and won't be doing any Remote Tunes until after August 31st. Thrashing on my 280Z trying to get it ready for a Road Trip to Monterey for the Rolex Vintage Races. Datsun is the Marque group this year.
  6. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    Phasing the distributor should be done first. But if you are at 335 degrees on your #1 Tooth angle you are going to be pretty darned close. Attach your new MSQ and we might be able to help some more. One thing that trips people up is that the ignition switch on some S30 models has two separate circuits. Check that you have Power to the coil in both the Crank and Run position. Often people have only one or the other circuit hooked up amd you need both.
  7. Chickenman

    All forged pistons floating pin type?

    BTW.. with Datsun and SBC rods I've never bothered with a small end bushing. The Pin material and rod material metallurgy match up well and I've never had any scuffing or galling of the wrist pins.
  8. Chickenman

    All forged pistons floating pin type?

    Usually the Rod small end has to be resized to make them full floating. Even a press fit may require slight honing. I would check with your Piston manufacturer to see if the pins supplied can be press fit. FWIW. Full floating pins are a well proven design. An oiling hole is no big deal ( I prefer a single hole on top ). Spirolox or Teflon buttons are nearly fool proof. If your machine shop cannot install Spirolox correctly... then should you really be trusting them for other work? It's pretty basic.
  9. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    ^ Because you are on very old Firmware. 1: Export all of your Target AFR, VE Fuel and Spark Tables to your desktop. Take screen shots of any other important settings. 3: Download and update your ECU firmware. 4: Do NOT load your old Tune. Start a new project and use the Default-Tune.msq that will be in the 3.4.2 Firmware folder that you downloaded. 5: Import your AFR, Spark Timing and VE Tables from your desktop. 6: Calibrate your sensors and save. 7: I would recommend leaving the Baro settings and WUE settings on the new defaults. The later firmware has a different way of calculating Baro correction. It uses the 100% line a a zero baseline or correction. Lots of bug fixes and improvements in the new Firmware.
  10. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    Phasing of the distributor rotor must be done on all L-series engines that run A Distributor with HT Leads and a single coil. It does not have to be done with WasteSpark Coil Packs or COP. To " Phase " the distributor rotor: 1: Disable ignition and injectors. Easiest way is to disconnect the 4 pin terminal at the Dizzy. 2: Note where #1 Spark terminal is on the distributor cap. Grab a Sharpie and make a mark on the distributor body that lines up with #1 plug terminal. Remove dizzy cap. 3: Bump the engine over till the Timing mark is at 25 BTDC. 4: Note the position of the distributor rotor in relation to the Sharpie mark you made on the distributor body. You want the distributor rotor to be centered on that mark. Loosen the two 6mm ( 10mm hex ) bolts at the bottom of the distributor. Rotate the dizzy body until the Rotor Tip is centered on your mark. Tighten the bolts. 5: Replace distributor Cap and reconnect terminals. . Congrats. You have successfully " Phased " your distributor rotor. This step is necessary on all programmable ignitions that use a distributor. Important. Phasing the distributor will alter your #1 Tooth Angle. So follow the Sync distributor steps and Lock you timing to 10 BTDC under Trigger wheel settings. With a timing light, adjust your #1 Tooth Angle to get the Timing mark lined up to 10 BTDC. 345 degree's is a good starting point. Change the Fixed Timing back to " Use Table " Burn the settings. Then Cycle the ignition Off...wait 10 seconds and then back on. Any changes to Trigger Wheel settings usually require a Burn AND an Ignition Cycle to take effect. Note: If #1 Tooth angle is out drastically , you may have the Trigger Disc upside down. There is a definate up and down side. DIY site has pictures of the correct orientation on their site.
  11. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    Distributor Rotor must also be Phased correctly. This step is often missed but is critical to proper operation with a single coil and distributor. Covered in FSM and in MS Hardware Manuals. Attached is a text version of instructions I supply to my customers. Along with a picture of a properly Phased rotor. Note the position of the Outer slot in relation to the rotor. If the outer slot is on the other side of the rotor after proper Phasing. You have the trigger disc in upside down.
  12. Chickenman

    Trigger disc settings

    Post your MSQ. Not sure what you mean by Cranking Trigger set to " Calculated " That doesn't seem right. Never even seen that setting. What firmware version are you using? You should be using 3.4.2. Note: Trigger wheel can be installed upside down. And that will screw you royally. #1 Tooth angle will be way out. Here is a screenshot of one of my long Time customers Trigger settings. Spark A Output Pin can be JS10 or D14.. Depends on how the board was built.
  13. I'm surprised that no one has warned the OP about California Datsun. I've never personally used them, and never will. From all the negative feedback on various forums this is a company to avoid like the plague. Particularly with any rebuilt engines or cylinder heads. The fact that they have often changed their names is a big Red Flag to me. I do some more research before buying anything there. Too many negative reports for my comfort... Rebello, Datsun Spirit and some other companies consistently get excellent reviews.
  14. Chickenman

    L28 on MS2 low power

    PM sent.
  15. Chickenman

    SCCA ITS built L engines?

    Exactly. I ran ISSCC D-Prod racing years ago, and their engine rules are basically the same as SCCA. We were twisting 7,2000 out of L24's back then ( Late 70's ) and making good power. Engines last forever.