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  1. Wastegate upsizing

    Those external speed controls are great. I bought one for all of my corded tools. E-Bay.
  2. I used some spare Tokico gland nuts. There is a thick washer that is welded to the inside of the gland nut. This locates the Top of the shock. The Koni shock is a bit larger diameter at the Top. But 5 minutes on the Lathe and Badda Bing.... Tokico gland nuts that fit Koni's.
  3. Wastegate upsizing

    That's a good grinder. It will pay for itself the first time you use it. Tools are always a good investment.
  4. Wastegate upsizing

    For porting you will need more than a Dremel. I use a 1/5 HP , 20,000 RPM Craftsman electric grinder. The good ol' Model 315 with 1/4" shank and Ball Bearings. And a lovely all metal housing that will try to electrocute you when you plug it into an improperly grounded wall socket. Ask me how I know... Air grinder will also work, but you need a decent size compressor to feed them. 1/4" shank Carbide cutter and HD grinder would be the way to go. If the hole size out of the Manifold is only 35mm, then that does need to be enlarged. Dump pipe re-routing is definitely necessary. You could do a screamer pipe straight out of the side of the fender. Just like Street Outlaws... LOL
  5. Wastegate upsizing

    Another Option may be to change Turbine housing for one with Internal W/Gate. That gets rid of external Dump pipe and fitment issues. Last resort type thing. Just thinking....
  6. Wastegate upsizing

    One other thing. Don't over look porting of the exhaust manifold W/Gate outlet. This is commonly done on Internal wastegates, but the same principle can be applied to the Manifold port for an external Wastegate. You can port to gasket size and do some blending of sharp lips to aid flow. Every little bit helps.
  7. Wastegate upsizing

    Would have been nice if the exhaust manifold came with a V-Band adapter. Would open up options for W/gate clocking. This is what I was thinking about for a 90 degree adapter. https://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=ATP-FLS-025&Category_Code=WGEL Or is you want to switch to a V-Band mount W/Gate. https://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=ATP-FLS-101&Category_Code=WGEL
  8. Wastegate upsizing

    Yeah... I can already see what is probably the Major problem. The manifold design. That is a worst case scenario for W/Gate placement on both the W/G inlet and outlet. Inlet is 90 degrees and only bleeds 3 cylinders, if that. The manifold looks like it's possibly a Twin scroll design. Is it? Either way, it;s going to be hard to bleed off enough pressure with that exhaust manifold W/Gate positioning. On the outlet side it is worst case scenario as well. 90 degree exit into the high pressure area of the Turbine outlet. If you could re-route the Dump pipe, that would help a lot. Length doesn't really matter. You could route it another 2 or 3 feet further along the exhaust system, then blend it in at a nice angle. Problem is just getting it past firewall. With a long W/Gate dump pipe, you may want to run an accordion style expanding bellows, as the dump pipe will expand in length a fair bit. Things like ovalised SS tubing may help. Or using a 90 degree adapter, so W/Gate exit is towards firewall, then run dump pipe behind exhaust manifold, beside the downpipe and Transmission? It looks like you may have enough room to do that?
  9. 78 280Z NA MS2 Setup

    Look up Softopz on the Vendors forum. He builds MS2 units and a beautiful plug and play harness.
  10. Wastegate upsizing

    Can you post up a wide angle shot of your W/gate manifold and exhaust setup? Proper angles of W/Gate inlet pipes and outlet pipes can make a huge difference to W/gate efficiency as noted above. Right angles and reverse angles are bad.
  11. Wastegate upsizing

    Before you buy anything else. Try putting a lighter Wastegate spring in. The 9.4 lb spring may not be allowing the W/G poppet valve to open 100%. Try a spring combo with a 7 lbs rate. You can go all the way down to a 3 lbs if you need to. If you have any restrictions to W/Gate flow ( bad entry angles for example ) then you may have to use a lighter spring combo than necessary to get the Valve opening more. Simply because the exhaust flow to the W/Gate is not optimal. W/Gate positioning and entry angles for exhaust play a big part in controlling Boost. Get them wrong and the W/Gate will be inefficient
  12. Pretty sure they use the BIP373 coil driver.
  13. There's a thread on that Coil Pack on the MSExtra MS2 forum. I'll have to dig around a bit to find the link. You may be better of with WS Dodge ( Mitsubishi brand ) coils or the Ford Escort TFI Coil Packs. Very powerful coil packs.
  14. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Wow... Desktop Dyno... I haven't played with that in ages. It worked out well when choosing cams for my Autocross/ Hillclimb 355ci SBC. I think my latest version is Desktop Dyno 2000. I'll have to see if I can load it up on my Windows 7 machine.
  15. Needed: Haltech E6x Startup map for L28ET!

    Wow... that's an old Unit. I thought my E11-V1 was old. Attach your current Tune and setup to a reply here and I can have a look at it with HalWin.