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  1. L28ET Out / L24 In

    Just like others have said it's a pretty simple setup! The wiring you'll need for the L24 is extremely basic, you can ditch just about everything off that L28ET harness, keep the alternator and it's wiring as it's a worthwhile upgrade. Other than that all you'll need to wire up is starter, coolant temp sender, oil pressure sender, and distributor! Then plumb up fuel and your rad hoses and you're all set. I've got a set of Weber 40DCOE's with manifold and electromotive HPV-1 distributorless ignition setup I'll be selling this winter as I'm doing an RB26 swap. If you're interested in either or have any question give me a shout!
  2. Starting RB Swap

    Awesome progress! Your Z is coming along real well, its good to see more east coast Datsuns! I'm in a bit of a similar position, 21 years old, slightly rusty 280Z that I'm RB26 swapping while going to college and working! When you cut out your floor and frame rail, did you put it on any sort of alignment rack? I've been wanting to get that done on my car but am afraid to do it in the garage in case I end up with a warped chassis.
  3. Hey Pat, are you still making these pans? I'll be doing an RB26 swap into my S30 in the near future
  4. Hall Effect Sensor location ideas

    I'm not running AC but I do plan to in the future. So when I was mounting my hall effect sensor I made my bracket mount off of the timing marker holes
  5. 240Z/ L28ET Parts

    Interested in a bunch of this stuff! I won't be back home and in my garage to sort out exactly what I need until Monday, hopefully you've got some stuff still then!
  6. 1977 280z wires identification

    If you could take the pictures from a bit farther away it would help to get an idea of what we're looking at. On the second picture that looks like it's the wiring that would normally go to the mechanical voltage regulator. It's a common upgrade to change to the 280ZX internally regulated alternator, when you do that you need to bypass the old voltage regulator by jumping the two wires that are taped off. I've done that on my car and it's great. There should be a pretty big black box type thing on the passenger side between the strut tower and the battery area, if that's removed then you know you've got the ZX alternator mod.
  7. Aftermarket Steering Wheel Sizing

    Hey guys, I've decided that I want a second steering wheel for when I'm taking the 280Z to the track. Having a big wheel is nice for daily driving without power steering but when I like to take the Z to AutoX or track days and it becomes a big annoying to use. The question now becomes what size do I get? My main wheel is a 14.3 inch (365mm) Nardi Classic in wood, I've been debating between the 350mm and 330mm leather wrapped nardi classic. I've been told I don't want to go under 350mm because it becomes difficult to use in parking lots and such but as this wheel is track only I was thinking the 13inch(330mm) might be a better call. Any suggestions? Or recommendations on other aftermarket wheels? Thanks
  8. '72 240z HLS30-50499

    WOW! What seats are those? They look amazing!
  9. Nice build Ryan! She's looking better and better! What's left to go?
  10. 280Z Interior/Engine Bay Parts

    Do you have a picture of the AC compressor from the front side?
  11. I've been looking around for a "Datsun Bucket Seat" similar in style to the Datsun Competition seat that jdm-car-parts.com has for $895 USD. Unfortunately on a student's budget there's just no way I could afford that! But these look to be similar in style, just wondering if anyone knows about their quality. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-Mid-Sized-Classic-Bucket-Seat-w-Sliders-in-Black-Polyurethane-Faux-Leather-/371644785639?fits=Make%3ADatsun&hash=item5687c163e7:g:WnUAAOSwTZ1Xlscn&vxp=mtr
  12. Body Kit and Tire Size

    Here's my car before lowering it on the 205/55/16 setup it came with And then with the 225/45/17 setup And then after lowering it on the new wheels (Vogtland lowering springs with 1 coil cut off)
  13. Body Kit and Tire Size

    I found that the larger tire/wheel didn't help that much with the wheel gap. (My car came with 16 inch wheels which is already fairly large for a z car, went up to 17's without a big change) When I installed lowering springs (with about 1 coil cut off) it set my ride height to exactly what I was looking for. That and some 17 inch wheels made it look solid.