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  1. zxt dist wire position and colors

    Pretty sure he just calls out the wire colors. Here's a few, plus the Google search terms. Might be enough in here. https://www.google.com/search?q=site:hybridz.org+cgsheen+280zx+distibutor+wire&ei=3ebBWbDJNNTIjwO8qak4&start=10&sa=N&biw=1230&bih=881
  2. zxt dist wire position and colors

    He hasn't been on for over three years. cgsheen has posted a few times about which wire goes where. Tell people what you're actually working with first though, it's not clear.
  3. L24 turnkey drop out $1800 obo

    Who rebuilt it? What was done? Receipts?
  4. My new 1975 Datsun 280z project!

    That's often a sign of a dead battery or dirty battery cable connections. You should be more descriptive than "clicks then stops".
  5. 280zx or 300zx Turbo CV Axles

    That's normal, a long and a short. Although, with the VLSD diffs, the long one is a lot longer. Can't remember the actual measurements. Better check, the parts stores have been known to sell the wrong shafts. 300ZX's came with VLSD's in later years. Edit - just remembered that the VLSD's came with a different spline count also. Count your splines.
  6. AFM/ECU questions

    Download the 1980 EFI manual and run the tests for 1979. It has tests for all EFI engines up to 1980. This will tell you if all of the critical parts are connected properly. Seems like your coolant temperature sensor might be disconnected. http://www.xenonzcar.com/s130/other.php If you get some parts showing as incorrect, use the FSM to find out where they are and how they should be connected. Engine Fuel chapter. http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/280z/1979/
  7. 280z upgrade to a 300zx starter?

    The 280ZX starters are gear reduction. Not a major reduction like the race engine types. That would be the simplest upgrade. Lighter and more effective. Actually, if you ask for a 75 280Z starter at a parts store you might get a ZX starter anyway. SKU consolidation.
  8. If I click on any of the page buttons for the attached thread it locks up the page, doesn't load anything, just goes to a blank page and gets stuck with a "Loading" icon. Edit - also, it's not clear that the link is a link. It looks like just another image. I know that this software has a way to removed the image formatting and make it just a text hyperlink(?). They work for this Site Support thread though.
  9. Heat soaked

    Don't be offended. Just get some numbers and post them. Aaaallll of the new to engines people do the exact same thing. They don't realize how valuable numbers are. Read through the Service Manual and you'll see that most of the operations/actions/fixes have numbers associated. For example - if the gauge reads 200 at max, you're probably okay. If it went to 240, you're probably not. No matter where you go you'll still be the same guy you are now anyway. Might as well stick around.
  10. RB20 Not Cranking

    "Crank" means to spin. From the old days when they applied an actual handle to the crank shaft. Then spun it. If it won't crank that means that the starter solenoid is not getting power, or the starter is no good. Did you actually mean "fire"? Fire is when the spark causes the fuel-air mixture to burn. If it won't fire, that could be a spark problem or a fuel problem.
  11. Heat soaked

    Overheating is a very basic fundamental car thing. You're in kind of a dangerous spot, with not understanding much about engine basics. You can waste a lot of money. And your problem could be more complex. When these engines overheat the cylinder heads tend to warp, sometimes taking a permanent bend. When they warp, the head gaskets fail. Then a steady cycle of overheating happens, similar to what you're seeing. The first thing to do if you see overheating is to check the coolant level in the radiator, and the overflow bottle. Have you looked at the spark plugs? They can offer a clue about bad head gaskets. Overall though, just make detailed observations, write down numbers if you can get them, then write well when you post. Actual temperatures that you see on the gauge would be a start. Actual RPM numbers. Times, in minutes or hours. Things like that.
  12. Heat soaked

    This sounds more like a basic overheating problem. Temperature will increase slightly on the gauge while the car sits because there's no coolant moving past the gauge sender. But as soon as the engine starts the needle should drop. You either have a coolant flow blockage or a bad water pump or poor air flow. Heat soak is mostly just a "20 minute sitting" problem. If you start the engine before 20 minutes you're usually fine, or after about 30. But once you're up and moving the heat soak problem goes away. You're not describing heat soak.
  13. Heat soaked

    neverdone asked a good question then. "Heat soak" typically refers to the problem where the engine, after sitting hot for about 20 minutes, like on a short shopping trip, will start but run like crap for about a minute, before clearing up. That's the problem I thought you were referring to. A Pallnet rail is probably not going to help your problem. Your description is still a little odd though, you're talking about the engine being off and driving the car at higher RPM in the same sentence, followed by the engine coming to a complete halt, which wouldn't involve higher RPM. Three things that can't happen at the same time. Maybe break the problem down in to a short time sequence, from when it runs well to when it doesn't. Is it a manual or an automatic?
  14. Heat soaked

    "Pallnet" is a vendor. That's the suggestion. there's really no "upgrade" you can make for the regulator, unless it's old and doesn't hold pressure. The shiny aluminum adjustable regulators typically don't hold pressure. You need one that holds pressure so that the liquid fuel can help keep things cool. Some people run a cooler thermostat also to keep the engine and fuel system temperature down after it's shut off.
  15. Heat soaked

    Pallnet's aluminum fuel rail seems to help. It's the injectors that are too hot.
  16. 60 amps is the basic spec. since about 1973. So you won't gain amps, in theory. But the external regulators can be hard to find so it's best to be ready. Each year of car has its own little problems when doing the swap. So even though it sounds simple, there's potential for extended electrical troubleshooting. Don't expect to get it done a few hours, although you might.
  17. The very simple point I was illustrating is that Megasquirt is tuneable to whatever injector he wants to use. Teaching a man to fish instead of handing him a bunch of fish he doesn't really understand.
  18. Valve Cover Breather and General "What is this"

    Read about "emissions" in the FSM. The breather is part of the emissions system. It's probably been disconnected completely so might not be a vacuum leak. If the engine runs well, the PO probably plugged all of the right holes. Overall though, you would do well to know more about how your engine works. Before it has problems.
  19. (newish car) Need Help Identifying What I Have

    Looks like somebody swapped a 280ZX turbo engine (1981 - 1983) and engine management system (ECCS, the computer is in picture 21) in to your car. The AFM (before the turbo picture, 20) is another clue. I would go to an appropriate sub-forum and post those pictures individually. Use the "choose files" link below the reply box to add a picture. Might have to download them to your phone or computer first. Somebody might take the challenge of digging through all of your pictures and responding to each one but they'd have to write a novel to answer all of the questions.
  20. 260z tach resistor

    My 280Z tach showed about double the RPM when my ignition module went bad. Didn't run that well either. Too many sparks, too many injections.
  21. Website not loading?

    There's almost always an error message. laptop and load are as about as non-descriptive as you can get. Windows, Apple OS, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc. Many, many possibilities. The OS is fairly similar between lap top and desk top. Posted from a desktop using Windows 10 with Chrome.
  22. MS has settings for whatever injector you decide to use. http://www.megamanual.com/v22manual/minj.htm#fb
  23. Maybe you should make that the main screen people see when they get on the site. Is there nay way we can see that screen. just to monitor ourselves, for fun? The site looks like it's working but it's actually gone backward since the last time I was on. Some of the views don't work right, like the Activity screen. This is from 8:15 pm today. There's been a lot more activity than shown.
  24. It seems to be just that one thread. It posted four times, so maybe it's whatever app or browser he's using.