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  1. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/cto/1572312730.html
  2. Jeff, Come back before its too late........ Listen and stay strong brother: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB9GArnoLl0
  3. With some guidance from Kevin, I tried to adjust the heighth. It clears with the heim joints all the way raised, no threads for the nut...damn. Needless to say yet again excellent customer support!! he is sending me 15mm spacers. I am not giving up, more to come... I started messing with the throttle cable. I'm going to attempt to attach it to the stock pedal vice using the Savage bracket and other route since the cable loops too funky... FYI the 240Z gas pedal is already slotted for a cable. I don't really like this, still messing w
  4. Yee Haw!!! Thanks admins/mods and Aaron for creating them!
  5. sounds good, still in discussion?
  6. Re-painted, detailed the Mikuni manifold: ITB's with new linkage setup mounted, 15.2mm GM LS2 FI o-rings are tight no play on these injectors at all: One little snafu, the front throttle arm is hitting the thermostat housing: With some quick pictures sent to Kevin at Extrudabody yet again great customer support!! He suggested to adjust the heim joints and if they don't get the rail high enough he'll send me some spacers or trim the throttle arm. More to come....
  7. So I emailed Blitz direct to see if they have some sort of wiring diagram for the S30 or can draw me something to ease this process since I know they don't make a harness specifically for it and this is what I get: WTF Has someone wired this in before or any turbo timer for that matter into an S30 that can help a brother out?? I wonder if I can get a better reply if I email Blitz Japan...
  8. I'd like to suggest a Craigslist/Ebay forum in the Buy / Sell / Trade section for cars and car parts only related? Possibilities: • It could be divided by the coasts/regions (East Coast, Mid-West, West Coast) into individual forums with a new thread for a new posting, making it easier to scan. • It could be even a sticky thread with continuous postings in the Parts For Sale and Cars For Sale forums. • Separate forums for Craigslist and Ebay ads. • Or a general one stop browse forum with a fitting title. It would alleviate random Craigslist/Ebay postings all over th
  9. Fed Ex showed up around 6pm last night. Fresh out of the box. One problem with the fuel injectors I have they are #42 Ford Part# 0-280-150-558. Apparently they have the smaller o-rings installed on them which makes them loose when mounted. I have been searching for what size they are (black on bottom, blue on top). I guess I need to hit the parts store and get a few different ones to see what works.
  10. ITB's are back in the mail and should be back home in a couple of days. Following Austin's suggestion I ordered some relay connectors, spare relays and other misc things to clean up the wiring some more from Wayteck Wire. Thanks bro
  11. done: http://classictube.com/store/ You can order however you want its custom taylored. O.E. steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubing from 1/8" to 1" diameter.
  12. We got the F35 on the base now for testing: http://www.f-16.net/news_article3905.html Second one just landed... http://www.f-16.net/news_article3954.html
  13. Clive, Here are some more for "the list".
  14. fair enough. Ahem...Anyways make sure you get enough to paint my Z too. KAB Super Silver Metallic 2009 GTR OR 244 Sterling Silver Metallic E30 BMW OR 950 Iridium Silver Metallic Mercedes These are my top 3 but you can ignore me and do what you want.... BTW where are the pics of the magnificent BRAAP P90? nag until post...
  15. *Shakes his head* next your going to tell me he is dressing like you.....wait..... never mind. I would say it would be in his best interest to choose another color or default to the latter, sorry Clive you got to break the cycle before it gets out of control. Joe, don't give them ideas unless you want to start your own cult.
  16. You going back to the same place that painted the red car? What color have you decided on man?
  17. Yeah I know just quoting the caption from the article. I like the whole mystery behind who the "Stig" is. I did a thread on it a while back: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=143502&highlight=stig
  18. Hmm... wonder if the rear hatch seal is even there?
  19. Wednesday December 23, 2009 "It’s a strange coincidence that the current series of Top Gear is about to finish in a couple of weeks, and Mercedes GP have just announced that Michael Schumacher will be racing for them in F1 next season." http://sundayafternoonclub.blogs.topgear.com/2009/12/23/stig-to-race-for-merc/ Doing my happy dance......
  20. Challenge him to a dual Chris that would be the proper Texan thing to do!
  21. try to resave it as .xls (2003 format) and try to open it?
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