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  1. Don't use the one on the last exhaust stud unless you put that stud in yourself recently.
  2. If you're using the L28 harness, did you get the fuel pump controller used in 1982 and 1983 cars? What year harness and engine?
  3. Sweet............my dad did flight testing in hawaii during the 60s on remotely piloted planes for the purpose of nuke delivery. Kind of a remote control cruise missile but far safer than lobbing a nuke from your skyraider.
  4. I used to work for a recaro and flofit dealer in the 80s and I remember the 240-280z seat track application from recaro stated you used the passenger seat rails for the driver's seat and vice versa. Recaros and flofit will fit.
  5. Charade is 1 liter and similar to but not the same as the chevy sprint and isuzu 3 cylinder turbo cars.
  6. sweet and elegant solution. I would carry a spare serpentine belt tensioner pulley, though.
  7. It's the oil drain that usually causes problems since you can't get oil to the turbo if it won't drain. Stock setups have a 90 degree angle before the barb on the pan and this is where coked oil likes to hang out which eventually clogs it. I had one with 200k miles and the original owner claimed it was getting noisy. I cleaned up the drain and checked the supply line, kept good oil in the car and made sure never to open the throttle much until the turbo had reached operating temperature. It was still working at 300k miles when I gave the 84 slicktop to datsun dynamics.
  8. LOL.......my answer implies to keep the L24e and turbocharge it. Drilling the block to front sump a L28 is a lot more labor intensive than making the pick-up marginally longer and re-routing it. You also must drill a new dipstick tube and, since the oil gallery goes through nearby, I recommend not drilling the fake small boss found on L28 F54 blocks because it is far too easy to hit the oil galley. Far better to drill elsewhere.
  9. I'll try to fix this post since pics were moved. Here's how you solve the oil return problem without taking out the oil pan or removing the engine. I've used this many times over the years on 280zx and when fitting turbos to a few rear drive maximas that have front sump. So.......19 years later, I finally do a quick write up with pics. It doesn't work on all engine configurations but I will see if I can do it on my M30 soon enough. You start with an oil pickup tube.........or two. A bench grinder around the periphery makes that pesky screen disappear with the quickness. Notice the fa
  10. That custom manifold is sweet. Has anybody tried the LD28 manifold as a starting point?
  11. Yep......as bernardd mentioned. A 3n71b from a 280zx turbo in good condition with the exact same mods I did to my drag RX-2s in the early 80s can handle big hp and 9100rpm upshifts.........behind a rotary.
  12. Are you relocating the starter from stock Z32 location and using the z32 bellhousing on the ones in the pic. I ask this because the Z31 and pathfinder implementation have the starter in front of the bellhousing in the same location as in the pictures above rather than bolted to the side of the bellhousing like the Z32. I really should provide pics but I won't be able to do that until tomorrow at best.
  13. Stainless has terrible heat transfer which makes it great for any intercooler piping that is subject to engine bay temps. No need for it on any tubing in that sits in front of the radiator.......just behind it.
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